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  2. cmon beasts! cmon ryder!
  3. Best of luck :))
  4. Clanwar information: Type: DM Time: 18:00 GMT+2 Date: 21.04.2018 Server: 'TC| The Crew Gaming Deathmatch Server Spectators: Allowed Players and Maps information: The Crew ( TC| ) Players: TK CresPro Lucek VonDusky SackOne Cnethz Reserves: Everyone from the clan. Maps: Norbi v4 - Untried II DarkeN ft. SphinX - Haunted II Tomas ft. Gerc - Gradually Gteatero - Noxious Force Spectrum ft. GuilhermE ft. Nataam - Loquitran Project Beast (B#) Players: @ryderawr @SIISTI @VISHAL @Rhypz @STRAKER @B4ND1T Reserves: Everyone from the clan. Maps: RuSO - Finest Hour III RuSO | XI | - T e a r d r o p KnOwN v15 - The Dark Nature CooN ft. V1SH4L - COOSH4L Project Sealine ft BuffalO - Future track Chat rules: Only clan's representatives are allowed to speak on the main chat (up to 3 persons for each party) Verbal abusement towards anyone is forbidden. Speech of hate is forbidden. Deathmatch rules: Both teams agree together for someone to referee who is not associated with any of the parties. Any kind of cheating is disallowed. FPS limit: 52 Max Ping: 250 Each team is able to pick up to 2 HDM maps. Over buggy maps are not accepted. Maps have to be revealed up to one week before the match day. Othwerise the game is cancelled or date is changed. Team lineups have to be revealed up to one week before the match day and cannot be changed. (Please be certain about your players. If some of your members are not able to be present at the match day that is not our fault). Shortcutting is disallowed (skipping vehicle pickups, skipping the whole parts). Skipping nitro and repair pickups is disallowed. Waiting for nitro is allowed. Camping is disallowed. Hunter rules: Spraying both the driving cars and hunters is disallowed. Backshooting while getting hunter (spawn killing) is disallowed. Hunter fight is started by a countdown started by referee. No shooting allowed in the meantime. Shooting the driving vehicles is allowed. It is also allowed to shoot the cars when there was no countdown. Killing players who are shooting vehicles before the countdown is not allowed. Killing hunters which are stuck by decorations is not allowed. In case someone dies due to being stuck in the decorations we're restarting the fight on a hunter map. In case of map limit, the hunter fight will be restarted on a hunter map. In case there's a hunter fight with less than 3 player per team and if both teams agree, we are moving to a closed map (e.g 3vs2 - 2vs2 - etc).
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  6. Make me a wallpaper pretty plz
  7. Nickname(s), age, location? Hello guys, my name is Fernando Garcia, I am 18 years old, resident of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. I started to play in the 2008 GTA.RU Server MTA, where started by old school maps easy to provide such fun. In 2009 I found out there was a bit more difficult maps than those with which I was used to, in the beginning was bad because the mechanics were quite different. The following year I started to get interested in more complex maps, I spent hours practicing (I still do) until you pass map by map. Over the years I joined a clan, in 2014-2015 ~ | SWC-Skills without Control was the first group to which I was accepted, I would very much like to have there constantly practice and great players, to me was a family until today I am their friend. Shortly after felt disheartened by the game until you decide to do a brief pause. In 2016 I went back to work, very focused, constant further trainings to take back the skills they had acquired in the previous year. During this period I was just practicing without going into any community, even that in 2017 the clan-sK-Skilled Gaming was reopened, I became interested because I always was a good clan and had my Brazilian friends, stayed for 6 months until you notice that everything was stopped, I forced to take the decision to leave, unfortunately the clan closed soon after because the owner had closed with the mta. When I joined the -Furious Racing Seven gave me very well with everyone, I got 4 months of correspondence with everybody, but at one time I noticed that the members were discouraged, and even helping giving tips, trying to '' shake up '' the situation has not improved, it turns out didn't work until the clan has decided to terminate the activities. Past clans and reason of your desertion. Skills Without Control ~|SwC- (Had stopped playing, however I was expelled for inactivity.) Skilled Gaming -sK- (Out, because the clan was very inactive.) Furious Racing Seven [FR7] (Out, because the clan was very inactive.) Why do you want to join our clan? I want to be part of a team so good, experienced, because I think it's up to me. I'm recognized learn with the community, improve my socializing with people of other nationalities, and improve my skills with lessons that will be learned. What are your intentions in our clan? Can I help in tournaments, can be very useful in clanwars. I'm an active person playing about 5-6 hours a day.
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  9. Hello everyone , its been a while since i released my lastest map. This time this map comes with Banshee , who asked me for it,who wanted to keep the oldish style alive.
  10. Soon™ '̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿

  11. Ooo I like it
  12. Seems nice, since your main theme is Beast, you could possibly use somekind of wild animal or mitalogic creature, that would be pretty nice + It would outline strenght and power, keep it up ;)
  13. can u make one for me pls selfieboi
  14. So yeah, every week i will make some Beast wallpaper, dont ask me for wallpaper for you, for that write me an PM and maybe i make u one .. depends if im bored or not ;P Here are 2 wallpapers that i made for now.. next week new one is coming.. IDEAS: If you have any ideas for wallpaper please post them and maybe i will try to make one ..every idea that gets realised and used, brings a wallpaper for a author of idea :*
  15. WAVE[Z] JOIN REQUEST Nickname(s), age, location? Hello guys, my name is Jorge (or Tony, whatever you prefer), in-game Wave[Z]. I´m 19 years old and I´m from Portugal, living in Porto. Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. I started playing MTA because of my good bro Rhypz, as we play basically all games together, he told me about MTA more specificaly Deathmatch/DM and I immediately felt in love with it. Rhypz taught me the basics for playing DM and we started to enjoy the game. It actually took us way to much time for us to pass a decent map at that time (Rafinha v9 *cough cough* XD), but thanks to that we started to get a lot better at the game and we decided to join some clans just for the fun. As me and my friend followed different paths, I decided to created my own clan called "Apocalypse Dreamers" and thanks to that I started to get a little bit more known at the game and also managed to have some well known players joining my server, but with all this, bad things also started to happen. The team that I created was starting to get more experienced at the game, and the best option for them was to leave the clan. The server started to get empty most of the time and I didn´t have money to sustain it, so I decided to closed it. After that I started to join some other clans and also started to play alot better, until I joined sK (Skilled Gaming), where I made one of my most memorable moments in MTA which I made some good friends there and I manage to reach Co-Leader and Map Uploader of the server, they were like a family to me. But after a while we started to get some problems when they decided to make a fusion with another brazilian clan UnG (United Gaming). Because of that I left the clan and decided to take a break on MTA for almost 2 years. After that pause, I started to play again in finals of 2017, playing on training servers and also in FFS. I also was a map collector, but since I did that pause in MTA, I gave up on collecting them. And that´s pretty much my 7 years career in MTA. Past clans and reason of your desertion? I've been through various clans in my career, I can't remember all of them but I will point out some of the most known/memorable ones, my role in them and also the reason why I left: Revolution Gaming ~ ReG Role: Basic Member Reason: Left because I was considering creating my own clan. Apocalypse Dreamers ~ -aD- Role: Leader/Founder Reason: Closed due to money problems. Latin Xtreme Gamers ~ LxG Role: Map Uploader Reason: Left since I thought I was no longer useful for the team in general. Cool Shadow ~ cS// Role: Map Uploader Reason: Closed by the leader. Seven Stars ~ 7S* Role: Basic Member Reason: Closed by the leader. Skilled Gaming ~ -sK- Role: Co-Leader/Map Uploader Reason: Left because I wasn't happy with the decisions inside the team. Why do you want to join our clan? After almost 2 years without playing MTA, I think it was time to start over again. Since this is a new start for me I'm feeling motivated to keep playing this game and trying to catch up with what's new. And if there is something that also helps me with that, it's trying to join into a new clan. It's always a nice feeling when you can surpass a challenge and I think trying to join Project Beast will be a nice choice and also a great restart for my career in this game. I know some of the members who are in this clan that are good, not only as a person but also on what they are most known for such as playing DM/DD, scripting, mapping and also leading a clan. Based on that I feel that this clan has something nice and also promising to it. And that´s why I want to join this clan. Why we should accept you? Right now I'm a bit rusty but I'm sure that if I keep this motivation going, I will get my skill back and probably even be better than before, and with that, I will help you guys in DM clanwars if ever needed and I will always try to be available to help as much as possible. Like I said before, I used to be a map collector, I don't know if that could come in handy but I don't mind sharing maps if needed for the upcoming server. I'm a trustable and calm person, people will defenitly understand that if they spend time with me or vice-versa, and I'm always available if people need help with something. With all that my main objective for now, is to help the team in whatever I can do, and I promise I won't let you guys down. My contacts: Skype: teikoo6 Discord: Tony#8203 HAVE A NICE DAY!
  16. Damn it xD I was so sad xDDD Aight y'all pranked us well! :DD
  17. gz nigga

    1. Mazen


      tslm ya khoyaaaaaa <3 x)

  18. You got me :D
  19. Damn :( I was so excited about UAG|MunK! xD
  20. As many of you noticed (honestly, we didn't even try to make it seem all too real, that wasn't our plan anyhow) this was a 1 april joke. The name of the clan remains Project Beast and remains in the capable hands of @VISHAL @Djdidier and @GTX who are all doing an amazing job (even if it's not always visible to the whole community, I can assure you they do in the background, without them Project Beast would be nothing). Everything I wrote in the first post I naturally did not mean and the fight GTX and I had in the posts below was staged as well, some of the things he wrote I came up with. We are working very hard on developing the server for Project Beast which I know has been taking a long time. The reason for this is that we don't want to yet be another clan with yet another mgm server. We want to bring you a whole new experience and truly innovate, we want to leave a nice footprint in the history of MTA and create a base for the future of the racing (DD/DM/Shooter/Hunter whatever) community. And innovating we are, I can tell you that. (Also, personally I want to help the racing community unite again as it was in the past. MTA itself is growing heavily in player count but the racing community is rapidly losing players. One of these is a lack of innovating and another is the increased tension between clans. Part of why I am here at Project Beast, and therefore returned to MTA, is to help resolve this.) I hope you are as excited about the future as I am!
  21. nice april fool @Megadreams
  22. nice shit md xd
  23. this is as sad as the first april joke my crush wrote to me after i woke up, it looked like this: "I always loved you and will love you, wanna be my bf? thought about it for a long time" i was so happy and then i realized its first april you fuckers
  24. Two lazy clumsy asses throwing at each other on the topic of who is faster at releasing, guess we got 2 jokes in 1 topic. (Psh, atleast @Megadreams said some truth even if it was a joke intention hehe)
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