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    Hello dear community, March 25th 2017, The last announcement that came from behalf of our community. People most likely have their opinions changed regarding where this community is going, tons of people left the team due to various reasons. Many have even ruled us out of competition in certain aspects of this game. I must say it was a difficult period for us and i'm glad we got through it. I personally never had a doubt about where this community would go since I personally knew this teams capabilities. From the developer to the very normal member that stayed with us. The tremendous loyalty that has been shown towards this community by a group of people will surely be awarded in the future. Majority of the members remaining now are some of them that were apart of us since the very beginning, we once again are very grateful to the ones that have stayed by us and believed that we would once again get back on track. The main reason for a stumble in the development within the clan itself is due to the leadership's inactivity. We completely take responsibility for it. Suprisingly the 3 of us had to go through a lot during the past year which diverted our focus completely on different things. Even though the focus wasn't completely there, the plotting never stopped. We always kept adding more weapons to our arsenal, always thought about things we could do differently and somewhere down the line we did know that things weren't going well but we never once had the intent of shutting this down. Another aspect which affected our clans reputation would be the FFS Lucky Seven Tournament incident. FFS being the peak in this game truly has an affect over the other teams, being so we were banned on their server due to disagreements in opinion and for a decision that we took to leave the tournament right in the middle. We had our reasons and they had theirs, we are glad to have comeback onto good terms with them once again and we look forward to cooperating with them very soon. That's enough of the downfall, let's move onto what this is really about. Well, we could certainly take another year or two in order to publish our main server and make that our first ever release? No. We came to a conclusion somewhere down the line last year to make the first ever public server release from our clan which is going to be the project "Revival" The Revival - Revelation 3 After the demise of Empire of Riders, there was a sudden change in the environment in the game, being the "WFF era" and well most of the hunter players around MTA didn't seem to adapt to different servers for a satisfying hunter game play. Therefore that was thought about within our team and we decided to work on one ourselves. The main goal was to not only provide you with a 1vs1 gameplay but also let you team up and add a little more of competition with ranks. Revealing to you a video that's made to remind of you how challenging, buggy, emotional and mostly wasteful of time playing hunter is: A special thank you to the ones featured in the video ( @Daster @Marque @xDarK1nG @Naval, team Project Beast) and of course, Tarkaan we love you! OFFICIAL LAUNCH IN 1 HOUR FROM TIME IS POSTED. An explanation to everything you have seen in the video which seems to be a suspense is right here: Our official Revelation #3 Topic: https://forum.projectbea.st/topic/480-project-beast-revelation-3-the-revival-hunter-server/ Dashboard 2.0 (Yet to be named) This has been a project that was being worked upon once again, somewhere down the line last year. Unfortunately the development on it had to be put on hold due to inactivity. Nevertheless, we managed to finish a lot of work in a little space of time. Our main goal with this project is to build it into a platform which would make it tremendously simple for us to integrate it with our serve in the long term, so yeah we could certainly disclose that this is our next project to be revealed to you very soon. Anyhow we certainly didn't want to let you off without seeing something from it. Front end coding: @Djdidier & @GTX Designing and concepts: @VISHAL & @scurr Clan war stats animation * What can i say? a modern looking, attractive animation that will be featured on even more aspects on our dashboard. Clan war card * Upon hover, ?! Secret. Will be disclosed in the next announcement. Events page * Our main goal with this section is to provide our users with complete access to an ongoing tournament on a single page. "follow" - by following the event you automatically enable notifications that will be sent to you regarding updates going on in the tournament. "stats" - instead of using design concepts to display stats, we decided to do it on our dashboard itself, soon to be revealed. Colorway, Theme: As you may have already noticed, we have decided to switch to a different color way and theme as well. More details will be revealed in the future. Member Updates: As i mentioned before, many departed from our team moving on to different teams and some even retired. We wish them nothing but the best and also warmly welcome @Dice @iBoSs @Default437 @CooN who were added to our squad over an announcement on discord and now congratulations for passing your trial period as well! @BENJAZ unfortunately failed his trial period due to inactivity. We are certainly open to bringing in new faces into our team and also strengthening every aspect of our team. Feel free to post an application and get a chance to become a BEAST. https://forum.projectbea.st/12-recruitment/ I guess there's only one thing left to say now, time to Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media! Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
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    Welcome, The launch of our very first public server is going to to portray what our team is really capable of, from administrating, behavior and the level of knowledge within our team regarding decision making, event management. A special thank you to the ones featured in the video and of course, Tarkaan we love you! Server Script Contents: Spray detector Map limit detector Kill messages Top kills chart for a particular round Anti-Hunter mod Top 3 - Ranks Kill storage Server Events: As you may have already seen, our hunter server consists of a clan war based system. Our main intention is to provide our community with competitive, fair and fun matches! We will be gathering a team outside our clan itself to help us out with this as well. The match could be organized based on a stipulation you could think of in order to make it interesting and the amount of players available on the server. We will have a separate section on our website for you to post information regarding when you(an organizer) is going to conduct a match on the server Mandatory event times will also be added In order to make the experience better, we urge people who have the time and capability to stream or record the matches and later on publish them on a platform you are comfortable with. You are also free to edit it in any way you want, comic, drastic or action. That's left to you! Timings of events will start to vary as days go by, we should also focus on organizing for the latino base as well. Server Event managers and moderator: @scurr who had put in the effort and time to work on some amazing looking animations for ranks on our main server will be used on our hunter server. The hunter server is going to store kills via your forum account, you'll have to use a command /alogin and login in order to get your kills stored on our server. That will further be moved to our main server. The ranks that we have come up with are only for the top 3, this is a simple display of what is to come in the future as we had earlier announced a diverse ranking system that features tons of ranks, levels. Each will consist of a different animations for you to out stand and be proud of the rank you have achieved. The Beast - Highest kills on the server Sapphire - Second most kills on the server Rust - Third most kills on the server Respective ranks will be provided a week post the official launch. A separate section on the site will soon be opened for you to post an application and get involved with the community. The server will be regularly updated based on feedback. ... DO NOT discuss political & religious. PROJECT BEAST is a political and religious free zone, ... DO NOT portray inappropriate behavior (trolling, offensive, racial slurs), ... DO NOT post inappropriate content, ... DO NOT share an IP address or/and website. Advertisement is prohibited, ... DO NOT flood the chat ... DO NOT share your password with another player, ... DO NOT create multiple accounts, ... DO NOT pressure an admin to provide a response to a report, unban or join request, ... DO NOT disrupt organized events, ... DO NOT use anything that affects fair-game play (cheat engines, edited files, etc.). Join us!: mtasa:// Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media! Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
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    Brand new Cyberpower gaming PC. I'll give away the PC next year around February but you can start to enter the giveaway on the 20th of this month!! Intel i5-7400 3.0GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD, Win 10 Home Enter HERE!
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    Hello! After a seemingly simple clan war against Deserts, this coming saturday we'll be facing off against one of the uprising clans termed Unlimited Power. We are well prepared and excited to see what our new team is capable off during this test. I hope it's going to be an entertaining one for the spectators so feel free to come over to our clan war server and support a team! Referee Praker, Marque Stream by Infern_0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsUHWz8B0s2ohjRhJCXJgWA/featured CLANWAR PLAYERS Project Beast Players • B#Dice • B#Oxy • B#SIISTI • B#STRAKER • B#RHYPZ Reserves • B#Beyond • B#VISHAL Unlimited Power Players • #UP|Corrupt • #UP|Every • #UP|BLTZ • #UP|Cassio • #UP|ZeaN • #UP|Chryxz • #UP|GunZ • #UP|GameX • #UP|Siide CLANWAR MAPS Project Beast Maps • [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV • [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great • [DM] APs v3 - Rampage • [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class • [DM] Vortex v9 - A New Era Unlimited Power Maps • [DM] SilverFOX - Ember • [DM] Zean - Singularity • [DM] BriaN - Mustang • [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory • [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteotero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II CLANWAR RULES
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    Hi, i've been trying to make my 2nd hunter montage, this is the final result, enjoy!
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    First Half: [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV - Oxy, Dice, Siisti, Rhypz (B#) [DM] SilverFOX - Ember - Oxy, Siisti, Beyond (B#) [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great- Oxy, Straker (B#) [DM] Zean - Singularity - Oxy, Dice , Siisti , Rhpz (B#) [DM] APs v3 - Rampage - Dice , Siisti, Rhypz , Straker (B#) [DM] BriaN - Mustang - Dice , Siisti , Rhypz , Straker (B#) [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class - Oxy , Rhypz (B#) [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory - Dice , Siisti , Straker (B#) [DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era - Straker, Dice (B#) [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Dice, Rhypz , Beyond , Vishal (B#) Second Half: [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV - Siisti , Vishal (B#) [DM] SilverFOX - Ember - Chryxz (UP) [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great - Dice, Siisti, Vishal, Rhypz, Oxy (B#) [DM] Zean - Singularity - Vishal, Beyond (B#) [DM] APs v3 - Rampage - Siisti (B#) [DM] BriaN - Mustang - Win by forfeit (B#) [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class -Win by forfeit (B#) [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory - Win by forfeit (B#) [DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era - Win by forfeit (B#) [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II - Win by forfeit (B#) (19-1) for Project Beast
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    Hi, as you can see this is my last try to join a clan. I hope luck will be with me this time. Real-Life: My real name is Adam, I am 18 years old. I live in Slovakia in a small town called Šurany. I am a student that is currently in the last grade of the local Gymnasium. After I finish my big exams (March - writing tests, May - speaking tests) I would love to join an IT based school in the capital, Bratislava. In my free time I like to play football, spend time with my friends or on my PC. MTA career: So, I have started playing MTA in 2010 on a server called [GoD]. I didn't enjoy playing it so I left but I came back in 2011 and I've started to play on ~AG~, a clan which I joined later on. In the same year I found out -ffs- server and started to play there aswell. In the meantime, AG got closed and I spent all of my time on -ffs-. I have stopped playing internationally because of the lack of slovak/czech players. After that I have started to play on a czechoslovakian server. I don't play there anymore. Another memorable moment in my career is 3 years later, in 2014, when a VIP member (from the first Dogzones VIP) came on that CZ/SK server and called me to play on VIP, I liked it and made a JR and got accepted. Sadly I left for a fight with dogzone. In the middle of 2016, I tried my luck in SoR and I got accepted on the first try. It was the first bigger clan I joined and a big achievement in this game. I left once for a big fight with vondusky and eyecatcher but we got good later and I joined it back. After like a month, SHARPIX decided to close it for no reason. I stayed clanless until the MTA World Cup 2016 ended and I decided to make a JR for TfF and I got accepted. It was my best time in a clan, I got more famous in clanwars and I grew up as a person and as a player here. I have left TfF because of internal problems. I went to make a JR to xN after that, I got accepted but I left it for not fitting in and some other private reasons. I made a JR back to TfF but I didn't get accepted. After that I've tried my luck in TC, but I closed my join request because of tomba and NesoN. I wanted to hang with them on teamspeak but NesoN left mta and tomba became inactive after his eye surgery. I tried my luck in Sixth Sense, I did all I could but sadly it wasn't enough and I didn't get in. The last clan I've been in was Seventh Miracle (7V\) which I left because of some problems. I want to finally find a stable clan where I won't get shittalked behind my back and won't be insulted for no reason. Clans I've been in: ~AG~ (2011) - My first clan in MTA, it got closed. >VIP< (2014)- Left after a small fight with dogzone. SoR! (2016)- Left after a fight with Dusky and Catcher, 2nd time it got closed. /TfF\ (2016- early 2017)- Left due to internal problems with some members. xN# (mid 2017) - Private reasons SHC// (sept/october 2017) - Left 7M (october 2017 - january 2018)- Left What am I good at: I consider myself as a good DM and hunter player. I am kind of useless in any other aspects of the game. I can make the DM team stronger and help in clanwars. My hunter skills aren't as good as they were back in 2014, but with a bit of practice and motivation I guess I can get them back. I also like to be a referee in cws, and I like to organise stuff like tournaments and so on. Lately I am trying to adapt myself into the WFF gamemode, but it's not going well xd Why do I want to join B#: Like I said in the above question, I can strengthen the CW squad. B# fell into my mind alot of times when I was clanless so why not give it a try. Additional info: If you want me to reply faster than on skype u can add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198260946838/ that's all from me
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    The Revival Her Birth - Revelation 3 Beautiful Video. - I feel it in someway.. especially by Taarkans part. I would call that a "Birth" from our new beast logo. I'm proud of this concept and proud to be in Project Beast. - Thanks to the Leadership and Clan Members for comfortables in the clan. Zircon now it's your turn to come alive! @GTX
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    Project Beast vs Deserts, First half: [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV - Dice , Siisti , Oxy , Rhypz (B#) [DM] BreAkeR v11- Almost Perfect III - Vishal , Rhypz , Siisti (B#) [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great - Siisti , Rhypz , Dice , Vishal (B#) [DM] SymoN v7 - Deep Power Paradise - Dice (B#) [DM] APs v3 - Rampage - Siisti , Vishal , Rhypz (B#) [DM] Abody v4 - Dark Glare - Siisti , Rhypz (brudda) (B#) [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class - Siisti , Oxy , Vishal (B#) [DM] DK Ft. ShondeX - For Mother Fucker Skills II - Oxy , Dice (B#) [DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era - Siisti , Dice (B#) [DM] norbi v2 - Untried - Oxy , Siisti (B#) Second half: [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV - Dice , Vishal , Siisti , Rhypz (B#) [DM] BreAkeR v11- Almost Perfect III - SIISTI , Oxy , Dice , Rhypz (B#) [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great - Pianist (D#) [DM] SymoN v7 - Deep Power Paradise - Dice , Siisti (B#) [DM] APs v3 - Rampage - Dice , Beyond , Rhypz (B#) [DM] Abody v4 - Dark Glare - Dice , Rhypz (B#) [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class - iBoSs , Beyond , Dice (B#) [DM] DK Ft. ShondeX - For Mother Fucker Skills II - iBoSs , Beyond , Dice (B#) [DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era - Ducky (D#) [DM] norbi v2 - Untried - iBoSs , Dice (B#) letting the score to end with (18-2) for Project beast ,
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    Project Beast 15 - Iron Will 5 Clan war was enjoyable and smooth. Thanks to iW for their professionalism, and referees; @Natsuki, Bindz, @tony and @zlNiko.
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    Clan war ended 19-1 for Project Beast, see you soon Unlimited Players Thanks to @Marque for refereeing and @Infern_0 for streaming. and thanks to @iBoSs for his power.
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    Server: Project Beast's clan war server Clan name: Deserts Clan tag: D# Website: http://deserts-mta.eu/ Players: 5v5 Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Date and time: 13th January & 17:30 GMT+2 Project Beast (B#) Players: Siisti V1sh4L Dice Oxy Rhypz (Reserve)Straker (Reserve)Beyond Maps: [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great [DM] APs v3 - Rampage [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class [DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era Deserts (D#) Players: Hatex Gotzha Damian MrRobee P1anist Maps: [DM] BreAkeR v11- Almost Perfect III [DM] SymoN v7 - Deep Power Paradise [DM] Abody v4 - Dark Glare [DM] DK Ft. ShondeX - For Mother Fucker Skills II [DM] norbi v2 - Untried Rules: General rules: We will only play on Project Beast's Clanwar Server. Everyone from each clan is able to participate, except the members that got recruited after the clan war was accepted. Only referees and maximum of 2 appointed persons from each team have the right to use the main chat during the clan war. If someone times out before the map starts, we will redo the round. If someone times out while the map is running, we will continue. Ping limit: 320. In case the ping limit has been exceeded during a hunter fight, the player will be blown without a possibility of replacing him/her. The minimum, constant fps of a player is 40. In case of draw after the 20 rounds, CW managers will discuss about it and decide if they want to play additional round(s). In case both teams can't come to an agreement, the clan war will end as a draw. Deathmatch rules: The clan with last surviving player gets the point. If no one from both teams reached hunter, the player who has reached farthest wins the point. If both of each team reached the same place, we redo the round. Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed. Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed. Waiting for nitro is allowed. In case of camping or shortcutting, the player will be blown. Hunter rules: 1. Spraying is not allowed (Max 3 shots per 5 seconds). 2. Player can only get 1 warn for spraying. If a player sprays again, the player will be blown (the warn remains for the whole clan war). 3. Shooting hunters before the countdown has finished isn't allowed --> the point will go to the damaged team. - The countdown will be started 5 seconds after 1 player from each team has reached the hunter. 4. Shooting and spraying vehicles before countdown is allowed. 5. If a player has been killed by an enemy while getting hunter and the rocket got released when the player still was in a car, the fight keeps going. 6. Killing hunters which are stuck by decorations is not allowed. - Stuck means the part of participant's hunter is inside the hunter part decorations and it's not possible for the player to move. 7. Incase of a map limit, we will continue the fight on a hunter map. Closed map will be set on limit, if both teams have 2 or less player(s) alive. 8. Referee is allowed to set a closed map at any time (except for pressure situations), if the referee finds it necessary to make the fights more active.
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    Hello, presenting you one of the most played series in MTA which was developed by Chipy. What i love about this map is, it has a combination of the previous versions of this particular series and the decoration blends with the track even more. Even though it's quite long its surely an enjoyable one. Enjoy Infernus mod by DaXX [Available Soon] Lights by NitroN Song used: The Prodigy - Nasty [Spor Remix]
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    Hey guys, Today I want to present you my newest Infernus mod, the Infernus D-Evolution GT (Gran Turismo). It has a lot of new features like: 3D Modelle Front and Rear Lights, a new Infernus Body. Here are some Pictures: A big thanks to KingofSpeed who made this awesome rendered Pictures of my Infernus Mod. Here is the download link: Download Hope you like and enjoy it. Best regards DaXx
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    Nickname(s), age, location: Hello i am ^~>THEDRAGON# i'm 20 years old and i live in Paraguay. Contact method, Skype or Discord: both (vishal already have me in skype & Discord) At what time would you be free to organize an event: 18:45 CET Everyday if i don't have choose as referee of any ffs tournament games. Your experience with hunter/Organizing/Moderating: experience in hunter: winner of competition 2.0 Hunter Kills in Twisted Gamers and Organizing/MOD: Main/Assistant Referee of L7 OS - DM, WFF OS - DM in FFS Gaming (current role). Cheers.
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    Something is better than nothing so a good start.
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    Our entire staff would like to welcome @Megadreams back to MTA and he's going to be a part of our development team/clan. It's a huge boost for our clan, to acquire someone this experienced. It's an old relation thats's coming to existence once again and well, be prepared the future seems even brighter!
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    - Hello there, my name in Rinor but in game you can find me as VarieN, I'm 14 years old living in Macedonia. - So uh, before starting my MTA Career, I was playing SA:MP, there I used to play on two servers called The Pilot's life and Convoy Trucking (I am not sure if the names are right), but then, before the end of 2013, my brother and his friends moved to MTA, and so did I. In the beginning I used to play on Mr.GreenGaming, after playing there for more than 6 months, my brother invited me to a RolePlay server that he was a beta tester and an Admin at that time, I gave it a try, I got many jails and force applications cause of my bad english and for breaking the rules. Then somewhere around sixth month of 2014 I found -ffs-, I had no words to describe it... it was awesome. I used to play DM but after a while I registered and changed from DM to Shooter, in 2016 I took a huge break from MTA, so pretty much I haven't done anything until 2017, where I joined an official clan in MTA called Vigour Gaming (vR) made 3 months there, I was about to leave cause of the members they were accepting were so immature and childish, but then suddenly I got kicked from the clan. - Project Beast seems to have a great future ahead, it has some of the best players in MTA, well matured and experienced and that's why I would like to be a member of Project Beast. - My personal Goal as a moderator would be to create an enjoyable but still disciplined atmosphere on the server and the Forums to increase the quantity and quality of the players (Defining quality as a general indicator on their personal knowledge, skill and joy). This in my opinion includes punishing rulebreakers aswell as supporting those who do something for the sake of this community. - As for my intentions, I am pretty good at organizing events, clanwars and etc. I'm also a mapper, but my laziness is too big when it comes to that. Oh, and I am actually learning how to edit videos (I'm working as a wedding recorder in the summer), Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro.
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    Hey, these are my ideas for the Hunter server Spectators script Add limit time ( 15 mins per map ) (Maybe) The player gets blown up after 3 sprays I suggest to delete few maps, which they are unplayable when there are 10 or more players online improve scoreboard design
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    Nickname(s), age, location: Corrupt, 17, Jordan Contact method, Skype or Discord: (We would recommend you to get yourself a discord account, since we'll provide you with a special role on our channel and to stay in constant touch with our team): Discord : Corroupt #9896 / Skype: live:serato.mta At what time would you be free to organize an event: (Remember, we are looking to cover most time zones in order to provide our community with constant events, we are especially seeking to get a few latin organizers) Basically any time. Your experience with hunter/Organizing/Moderating: (Just mention how long you've been into the game mode, feel free to provide montages or extra information) I'm an average hunter and i've organized some events in the past and im currently an FFS Referee Asistant
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    sick, video is so awesome! I hope you truly reach your proposed goals with this new beginning for you. 1:14 uff
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    Eligibility: Trustworthy and reliable. Basic/minimal knowledge regarding event organizing. Good reputation Hunter knowledge and skill, moderate Active Format: Nickname(s), age, location: Contact method, Skype or Discord: (We would recommend you to get yourself a discord account, since we'll provide you with a special role on our channel and to stay in constant touch with our team) At what time would you be free to organize an event: (Remember, we are looking to cover most time zones in order to provide our community with constant events, we are especially seeking to get a few latin organizers) Your experience with hunter/Organizing/Moderating: (Just mention how long you've been into the game mode, feel free to provide montages or extra information) Your role as an organizer and the rights you receive: Server moderation. Organize events based on the time you have provided in your application, you are free to organize whenever you feel to as well. You receive complete access to our event script, moderator rights to mute/kick a player. A special role on our discord server, in order to advertise the match you host, you could announce and share the event information over discord on our revival-channel. A special rank on our website Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
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    As mentioned before our hunter server is currently at the BETA stage, whats important now is to regularly update the server with the feed back we get from the community and improve it in order to make it much more enjoyable. From UI updates to new script add-ons, everything will be covered. We request you to please post any form of feedback or ideas that you want us to implement on the server/remove in our Ideas & Suggestion section: https://forum.projectbea.st/43-ideas-suggestions/ Please make sure you join our discord channel in order to follow your stats(kills) which are now attainable by using the command !ranks Soon enough you'll be able to check them on the server via scoreboard(update) Join on us on discord: Details regarding SERVER UPDATES will be posted below
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    The best thing in the video was my kill.(jk) great edit @VISHAL and well done @scurr @Djdidier @GTX, I’m really impressed and waiting for the main server actually
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    i am happy to see this community improving day by day , keep working !
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    Nickname(s), age , location • In game name : ~>ENERGY • Age : 16 • Country : Germany Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. I started playing MTA like 2010 or a bit ealier, i played on a lot of Reallife Server and also DM with my friends. We only played for fun on different servers. In 2014 i moved to SA-MP where i continued my DM career. I was in several clans until the clans got inactive or got closed. Now i moved back to MTA and keeps playing DM, but i will not be that active like i was years ago, because i play a lot of other games for example CS:GO, PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battleground and more. I will play every day or at least every second day for a few hours. Past clans and reason of your desertion. Last SA-MP Clan : Rush For Hunters Why do you want to join our clan? Because project Beast is a nice project and i want to share my time with the clan members. I'm a loyal and a nice person. I am an experienced player but i still can improve my skills a lot. What are your intenions in our clan? I would like to support the clan where i can, I will give my best to help, also in Clanwars if i have to help out. Also to have fun and a good relation with all other members. I want to improve myself. Where can u contact me? • Forum: ENERGY • Discord: ENERGY#3934 • Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ENERGYdxR/
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    Hello VarieN, You forgot to answer the golden question, which is: Why do you want to join our clan? It is quite important for our team to be aware of the answer to that question in order to understand why you really picked our team over the others, what does our community mean to you and mostly if you feel and blend in with the atmosphere here.
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    21-01-2018 It's been a while where I posted under this thread. All of my designs went on my website www.scurr.net. More Projects are planned.
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    hmm hunter server nice waiting for shooter server or Project Beast full release.
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    What an amazing video vishal, keep the good work up mate!
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    Nickname(s), age, location: My nickname:kevin^^ ; I'm 14 years old ; I live in Romania ( Ramnicu Valcea ) Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career: My adventure with MTA began in 2010. I've been playing with my friend in freeroam servers, but nothing worth your attention happened. The real adventure started when I found DM. I have joined many clans and had so much experiences. My first clan was 3R. I wanted to try for fZ and I made JR and got accepted. And now I'm here, with the shade of hope to join this wonderful community again. Past clans and reason of your desertion: |rP|RedProject|Member|Left |3R|3liteRacers|Member|Left |fZ|FuriouZ Gaming|Member|Left Why do you want to join our clan?: Because I'm looking for a decent clan for me, and I think this is perfect for me, I hope I will be accepted, I think I'll make a lot of friends in this clan. What are your intentions in our clan? : Let me say what I'm going to help: I rate myself as very positive, mature person with sense of humour, so I can bring good atmosphere. I am experienced DM player so I can help you at clanwars. Moreover I have a lot of free time, that means I can be active in game and forum. I can bring you success. I can bring you friendly atmosphere. We can beat modders together because "a teamwork can beat everything Thanks you all for votes !
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    miragemta/cengizhan has been disqualified
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    Happy new year bois and girls!
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    General Information about me Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My real name is Fares, I'm from egypt, I will be 14 soon. I live in Egypt, I got motivated here when my friend iBoSs got accepted MTA Career Since 3 years My friend iBoSs invited me to a SAMP Server called New Dawn I liked this server so much, I liked playing DD with my friends it was so funny to play. I got better and better day by day until i became a professional DD player then I joined RFH, I was a full member in RFH, I tried playing old school, It was enjoyable then I started playing DM but i didn't imrove so much, In the end, New Dawn was closed, iBoSs invited me to play MTA i joined with him, I was good in shooter and DD but, I was better in playing DD as it was more fun the shooter as it was enjoyable. I have never joined any clans until now. Reason of why i'm making this application I would like to join this team so much as I'm a loyal enough to be here, We would be a great team. Why me? Because i think i'm experienced enough to be in such an amazing clan, I would add my DD Skills for the team. Also, I would help in the DD clanwars. Thanks for reading! -R10
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    Your RESO is TOO SMALL try ctrl + scrll down
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