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    (... because we know our members have to train) (Server continues development and will improve heavily over a short period of time.) Hey there, I am thrilled to announce that Project Beast now has an up and running training server featuring various of different maps from: DM, DD, Shooter, Race, Fun and Hunter. While we are still heavily developing Zircon we will keep this server in active development which means that over time new functionality will be added and ultimately for the server to be integrated into Zircon itself. But for now let's talk about how this training server came into place, what it offers and what is planned for the future. First of all, why did we decide to create a training server? As you may know we actively play in tournaments and clanwars and wanted our members to have a place to properly train within our own community so that we can accommodate their needs as best as possible. Similarly we also want to offer a decent place to train for tournaments we host ourselves like the Unleash the Beasts tournament (which finally can start now). The training server has been built on top of an old multi-gamemode of GTX and myself that was named "Sapphire" (hence why it appears as Sapphire in the server list), it has been fully reworked into a stable training server. Throughout this time we also applied a lot of fixes and performance upgrades and will continue to do so. As you may imagine this wasn't an easy task. When entering the server you get presented with a map list (f2 brings it back up) with various of different tabs making it easy to filter maps by type or even special occasions like clanwars and the Unleash the Beast tournament. A search bar is also in place to quickly search for the exact map you want. Unfortunately we only have around 730 maps between the various of categories uploaded right now but will continue to upload more maps over time. As the web dashboard is still in development we unfortunately cannot yet offer a map uploader on our website but will do so through a Discord bot as soon as possible (which may even be more convenient for all of you). The server has a pretty decent but tiny UI right now but this will be heavily extended upon later on by including a NOS bar, health bar, time played, etc... but this was not a necessity yet for its public launch. We also offer some other basic functionality like a carhide/carfade (f3) and warps which can be saved by using "x" and loaded back in by pressing "n". We are however working on a rewind system and spawnpoint selection so stay in touch for that! Toptimes will also be added fairly soon to allow for some competitive training inside the server. Together with various of statistics (like kills - together with a UI - for shooter/dd/hunter) once we have established an account system. Currently we are also working on a new, customized scoreboard but until then we'll keep on using the default MTA scoreboard with some alterations which will work just fine for now. Enough reading for now, naturally all of you want to know how to get on this brand-new training server of ours and I am here to tell you exactly that. You can either simply search for "Project Beast" in MTA or connect through mtasa:// Have fun training! Sincerely, Project Beast administration and development teams
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    Welcome everyone to the very first edition of developers blogs series. My English is not the best, but I will try my very best to write properly and make it understandable. This series will not only include news about Onyx, but other services too. You must have seen "Onyx" on our Discord server and you probably wondered: What is it for? Well, I'm here to tell you that. Without further ado, let me formally introduce Onyx to you. What is Onyx? Onyx is a Discord bot which connects our forums and upcoming MTA server with Discord server. It will also include fun commands, Cleverbot (that you can talk to), custom points system which will be connected to the server and much much more! Under the hood Like every application that needs sophisticated code, Onyx does too. It is written in Java, which uses JDA (Java Discord API) as a dependency. JDA then provides full wrapping of the Discord REST API and its Websocket Events. We are then able to communicate with our Discord server. The Cleverbot that you talk to is actually not made by me, I used an API for that (not the original Cleverbot API, because that one is not free). Future of Onyx ... is tied with endless imagination - which you can contribute to by posting suggestions! For now, its only function is answering various questions you set (unfortunately, the answers will never be about Project Beast) and has a few commands (listed below), but we plan so much more! Like linking your Discord account (within our Discord server of course) with forum and server account; by doing that, you'll be able to view and share server statistics, gain access to special features if you are donator and more. Current commands !ping - Pong! Shows response time from our server to Discord server and API ping. !link - Links your account with forum account. Onyx will send you instructions. (Still work in progress, will be announced once finished) !fml - Outputs random F*** My Life line. And for our members: !passwords - Outputs passwords for all of our servers. !help command will be implemented later. Don't worry, when it's finished, you will know. Commands that are planned in the very near future: !score - Show current clanwar's score, round number etc. The bot will also post clanwar points when a clan scores. !vote - Start a vote, that will go on for few minutes and at the end, it will output the vote result. Command can be used in so many (and funny) ways. Last but not least I want to know your opinions what do you think about devblogging. What do you expect from these blogs and what would you like to see in the next edition? Post and tell me! If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Whether this series will thrive is entirely up to you, community. And yes, Zircon has not been forgotten. I'm just focusing on something that we'll reveal soon. Keep your eyes open, because more unique content is coming and we are more alive than ever! Join us on discord and check it out!
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    Hello, After yesterdays disappointment against The Crew, it is no secret that we are unhappy regarding the draw itself. Every clan goes into a war trying to prove themselves and get a victory at the end of the day, after so much preparation and dedication nobody wants to end with either a loss or a draw. We certainly didn't want to end it in a draw but personally i respect the time, space and effort that our team puts in. Forcing them to play another round against a team that had several issues regarding their internet and wasted over an hour by taking time to fix it were just certain aspects we took into consideration while making the decision. Whether you like it or not you have to respect peoples time. I would also like to bring to notice that the clan war itself was wonderful, everything went smooth until the very last round i guess? emotions do run wild but we have no complains or regrets with the decision we made. Kudos to The Crew for putting up a good performance and i can surely say it was back and forth and competitive after all. I would also like to give the new generation players their credits as well, since it was clearly their night. Congratulations to everyone involved and we can certainly roll it back once again. Can't wait to face your team once again, your server, your rules, absolutely. We look forward to that challenge in the future. Coming to the main point, we noticed a few flaws in our team that could have easily affected the result in not going our way and also affect the performance of certain players who were distracted by it. One of it which was management, i'm not going to hide the fact that our internal managers weren't up to the task last night which lead the players who were actually playing in managing the list and guiding the team. Which was a huge chaos. Once we notice these flaws, the very next thing we do is to make arrangements in order to fix it. What better way than to bring in new members who are interested in management, organizing and media work. There are many players out there who fall short of joining teams and getting that one opportunity to prove themselves due to lack of skills in-game. I hope you make the most out of your opportunity and what we expect the most is the presentation of your join request. That doesn't mean its closed doors for players who want to be a part of our clan war squad, it's just that is the main criteria we will be looking at. Yes, recruitment is open once again. Make sure you take a good look at our format before posting your join request: https://forum.projectbea.st/topic/3-considering-to-join-our-clan-read-this/ Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team SHUT UP;WE CAN'T FOCUS! Social Platforms:
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