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    (... because we know our members have to train) (Server continues development and will improve heavily over a short period of time.) Hey there, I am thrilled to announce that Project Beast now has an up and running training server featuring various of different maps from: DM, DD, Shooter, Race, Fun and Hunter. While we are still heavily developing Zircon we will keep this server in active development which means that over time new functionality will be added and ultimately for the server to be integrated into Zircon itself. But for now let's talk about how this training server came into place, what it offers and what is planned for the future. First of all, why did we decide to create a training server? As you may know we actively play in tournaments and clanwars and wanted our members to have a place to properly train within our own community so that we can accommodate their needs as best as possible. Similarly we also want to offer a decent place to train for tournaments we host ourselves like the Unleash the Beasts tournament (which finally can start now). The training server has been built on top of an old multi-gamemode of GTX and myself that was named "Sapphire" (hence why it appears as Sapphire in the server list), it has been fully reworked into a stable training server. Throughout this time we also applied a lot of fixes and performance upgrades and will continue to do so. As you may imagine this wasn't an easy task. When entering the server you get presented with a map list (f2 brings it back up) with various of different tabs making it easy to filter maps by type or even special occasions like clanwars and the Unleash the Beast tournament. A search bar is also in place to quickly search for the exact map you want. Unfortunately we only have around 730 maps between the various of categories uploaded right now but will continue to upload more maps over time. As the web dashboard is still in development we unfortunately cannot yet offer a map uploader on our website but will do so through a Discord bot as soon as possible (which may even be more convenient for all of you). The server has a pretty decent but tiny UI right now but this will be heavily extended upon later on by including a NOS bar, health bar, time played, etc... but this was not a necessity yet for its public launch. We also offer some other basic functionality like a carhide/carfade (f3) and warps which can be saved by using "x" and loaded back in by pressing "n". We are however working on a rewind system and spawnpoint selection so stay in touch for that! Toptimes will also be added fairly soon to allow for some competitive training inside the server. Together with various of statistics (like kills - together with a UI - for shooter/dd/hunter) once we have established an account system. Currently we are also working on a new, customized scoreboard but until then we'll keep on using the default MTA scoreboard with some alterations which will work just fine for now. Enough reading for now, naturally all of you want to know how to get on this brand-new training server of ours and I am here to tell you exactly that. You can either simply search for "Project Beast" in MTA or connect through mtasa:// Have fun training! Sincerely, Project Beast administration and development teams
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    Nickname(s), age, location. Hello guys , my name is Akylzhan . In-game B4nD1T'~' , i am 17 y.o , live in KAZAKHSTAN . Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. Well, I joined the MTA six years ago. In the beginning, I played on FREEROAM servers until 2013, since my attention fell on the server GTa.Ru. At first I did not understand the essence of DM / OS. And i found server with much online peoples, it was For Fuck Sake, in this server that I really improved my playing skills in the OS, then I began to find out other servers based on the game OS it was TG | , #ER , [DDC], [EPG] .Strange, but I played under the name Bob_Marley. In 2014, the last month of this year, I joined the Wu-Tang clan, this clan still exists at the moment. I played a day, maybe 2-3 hours. Then I played in Oldschool, and I like it, because the atmosphere of this arena was so GOOD , that from that moment MTA turned into a kind of hobby or something like that. In 2016, I joined Xtreme_Racers_Zcool, and I was also in the OS teams. At the moment I'm in 'oP~ , now I'm seriously want to do better my skills in DM . And I think this team will be for me the best solution . Past clans and reason of your desertion. 1.ffs clans 2.Xtreme_Racers_Zcool [xRz](left) 3.Epsilon [epsd] (left) 4.Phenomenal Ones ['oP] Why do you want to join our clan. First of all, this is a large team of which there are mature guys . I'm familiar with some guys from this team, they are very friendly guys. And I understand that this team will be together very long and amiable . And i want be member on this team Why we should accept you. I think I'll be useful in Clan War DM and Hunter. I'm mature guy , you can ask me to do something for YOU or TEAM ,and I surely will not deny you! . I'm will be active on server, skype, discord My contacts : Skype : akil_1kz Discord : #9619 B4ND1T'~' Best Regards - B4ND1T'~'
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    Welcome, The launch of our very first public server is going to to portray what our team is really capable of, from administrating, behavior and the level of knowledge within our team regarding decision making, event management. A special thank you to the ones featured in the video and of course, Tarkaan we love you! Server Script Contents: Spray detector Map limit detector Kill messages Top kills chart for a particular round Anti-Hunter mod Top 3 - Ranks Kill storage Server Events: As you may have already seen, our hunter server consists of a clan war based system. Our main intention is to provide our community with competitive, fair and fun matches! We will be gathering a team outside our clan itself to help us out with this as well. The match could be organized based on a stipulation you could think of in order to make it interesting and the amount of players available on the server. We will have a separate section on our website for you to post information regarding when you(an organizer) is going to conduct a match on the server Mandatory event times will also be added In order to make the experience better, we urge people who have the time and capability to stream or record the matches and later on publish them on a platform you are comfortable with. You are also free to edit it in any way you want, comic, drastic or action. That's left to you! Timings of events will start to vary as days go by, we should also focus on organizing for the latino base as well. Server Event managers and moderator: @scurr who had put in the effort and time to work on some amazing looking animations for ranks on our main server will be used on our hunter server. The hunter server is going to store kills via your forum account, you'll have to use a command /alogin and login in order to get your kills stored on our server. That will further be moved to our main server. The ranks that we have come up with are only for the top 3, this is a simple display of what is to come in the future as we had earlier announced a diverse ranking system that features tons of ranks, levels. Each will consist of a different animations for you to out stand and be proud of the rank you have achieved. The Beast - Highest kills on the server Sapphire - Second most kills on the server Rust - Third most kills on the server Respective ranks will be provided a week post the official launch. A separate section on the site will soon be opened for you to post an application and get involved with the community. The server will be regularly updated based on feedback. ... DO NOT discuss political & religious. PROJECT BEAST is a political and religious free zone, ... DO NOT portray inappropriate behavior (trolling, offensive, racial slurs), ... DO NOT post inappropriate content, ... DO NOT share an IP address or/and website. Advertisement is prohibited, ... DO NOT flood the chat ... DO NOT share your password with another player, ... DO NOT create multiple accounts, ... DO NOT pressure an admin to provide a response to a report, unban or join request, ... DO NOT disrupt organized events, ... DO NOT use anything that affects fair-game play (cheat engines, edited files, etc.). Join us!: mtasa:// Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media! Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
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    As mentioned before our hunter server is currently at the BETA stage, whats important now is to regularly update the server with the feed back we get from the community and improve it in order to make it much more enjoyable. From UI updates to new script add-ons, everything will be covered. We request you to please post any form of feedback or ideas that you want us to implement on the server/remove in our Ideas & Suggestion section: https://forum.projectbea.st/43-ideas-suggestions/ Please make sure you join our discord channel in order to follow your stats(kills) which are now attainable by using the command !ranks Soon enough you'll be able to check them on the server via scoreboard(update) Join on us on discord: Details regarding SERVER UPDATES will be posted below
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