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    Hey there! The registrations are now officially closed. We thank those who have signed up! Within a few days we will reveal the setup for the qualification rounds and the rules tied to this tournament so please keep an eye on our forum.
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    Nickname(s), age, location. My name is Christian, im 18 years old and ingame i use the name Cracko. I live in Germany. Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. Well i started to play that game in 2012. First i played a lot DD, just because it made more fun than DM. But after 3 years playing DD i get bored and started something new. So i found the gamemode DM. Since then i fall in love with that gamemode. Because it makes fun and its always incredible to play some new hdm maps. Past clans and reason of your desertion. |FT| - Fellow Team - Closed #BHD! - Black Hawk Down - This clan i left because there was an old friend from me who opened a clan. And i wanted to support him with his clan. [wG] - Wizard Gamers - This is the clan from my old friend. But the problem is that there isnt anyone who is active. So i decide to left that clan again. Why do you want to join our clan? Because i think this is a clan who can help me to become better and better, in hunter and in wff. Also i like some members of that clan, like Swindex. Swindex was my inspiration why i want join that clan. What are your intentions in our clan? My intention is it to become better in this game. And this would be great when i have some pros like you to get me better in that game. And on the other hand i have the intention to help that clan whenever i can. Thanks for reading.
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    Hey guys! I would like to present you "Uncreative Lazyness : Metamorphosis". ►Music Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Life Theory Remix) ►Credits Lights by NitroNTV Infernus by Micra edited by NitroNTV ►Wanna have a map recorded? Simply contact me on Skype: forfuckshake2 Sincerely, ArrowTV
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    Registration To participate in the Unleash the Beasts tournament all you have to do is make a post in this topic using the following format: Still looking for a team to be a part of or more players for your existing team? Then check out this topic.
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    Username: VarieN Skype/Discord username (or other contact info): VarieN# (Skype) VarieN#9491 (Discord) Team tag: avg. Team players: VarieN ZooMy RoBy PavvloN Hardy Additional information: -
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    Hey there! We are very glad to see the amount of teams that have been registered thus far and are slowly getting ready to get the tournament going. In exactly one week from now (on May 18) we are closing the registrations and will outline all the rules for the tournament and start with the qualification stage. Haven't yet registered for the tournament? Don't hesitate and do so here. Looking for a team to join or players to invite into your team? Then take a look here.
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    Username: Qashqai Skype username: oryakin781 Team tag: Most_Damnation, mD| Team players: mD|Qashqai (team captain) mD|Muthroad mD|Eleven mD|VIP (reserve) mD|Elegy (reserve)
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    The organization team consists of @Megadreams (lead organizer), @VISHAL, @VarieN, @MunK7 and @Mazen.
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    Hello, it's AnarchY and i thought of returning back to my old home, i'm going to talk about everything happened in that join request that made me wanna be back so please get yourself some tea and enjoy reading the thread, I tried to make it as short and informative as possible. NICKNAMES, NATIONALITY AND PERSONAL INFORMATION Throughout my career in gaming overall i always used AnarchY or Xp1Mas as my nickname, my real name is Ahmed Medhat i'm from Egypt and 19 years old. I'm at 12th grade as i postponed last year cause i'm looking to be in computing engneering as it will give me a lot of possibilities in my future life. I usually like to play games, chat with friends or play football sometimes i study too. My personality is always honest i don't like to hide my feelings or do a fake image of myself, i hate to harass people or expose them. GOOD MOMENTS OF MY MTA CAREER AND WHAT I DECIDED I've thought of not putting much into this section as it's not something i'm proud of but anyways, I started MTA in 2009-2010 it was a great game for me back then i loved playing it as i made some friends of it, in 2011 it started being something real for me when i met people i liked and they made me become more and more interested in the game, i started nolifing it in many servers like CIT or SMT and joined teams there, i became a Shooter player and it was the first gamemode i loved as i joined with good players in my early time of playing and learnt a lot about it and the game itself, everything was going smooth for me in the game till 2013. When Jon the best dude i knew left the game and our team separated as i found no will for playing Shooter again. A friend of mine was in Die Kekse (KekZ|) it was a popular Destruction Derby team so he told me about it, i joined them and that when i started playing DD. It totally changed me from a good calm person to a toxic careless one, i had so many good moments in KekZ and i ruined it to join 'stronger' teams till it ended up with me jumping from a team to another and couldn't stop. Through this time i've met many good guys and many bad ones, it wasn't the worst experience for me as these good friends are still my dudes so i'm going to mention some good moments, in 2015 i've made my first clan which wasn't popular despite it was a strong one, i knew that time how to control car pretty well and became a medium player after that i got invited into Street Warriors (|SW|) it was one of the most popular ones in DD that time and was one of the best moments for me playing with Carlos and Linkin. I started being popular in the DD world and made many tournaments with my events team Cloning Professionalism (CP), Then i joined many good known clans with Kurato and other friends like |OsD|, [Wild] etc. back in December 2016 i joined Project Beast, i kinda didn't know much about the team but then i found VISHAL really friendly and he alone almost made me love it, after that i knew other members and 2 of my best friends joined in it too. After 6 months i left and that was the last worst mistake i made, that team was the most friendly caring team i was ever in. I admit that it was a bad mistake and wish you're not looking at me any less, i really want to do the right thing now and stay till the end of my career. As for Destruction Derby i'm done with it, i will only be a socialize player but if needed i can help in playing. PREVIOUS CLANS Project Beast (B#), Twisted Gamers (|TG|), Pro's In Action (PiA|) Don't Mess With Us, We're Wild ([Wild]), Street Warriors (|SW|), Zero Gravity Stunters ([zGs]) Die Kekse (KekZ|), Original Skill Drivers (|OsD|), Elite Racers (|3R|). WHAT I OFFER AND WHAT I EXPECT TOWARDS PROJECT BEAST I can help on moderating, designing, doing events or any thing i'm good at, at any prices i will do my job and will always do my best. I will be loyal towards my teammates and clan and will always try to help and as you guys know me, i can try doing anything and be good on it. I expect the loyality from my teammates, the good atmosphere from all clan members and the good leadership. As i already know most of the clan members, it will be awesome to chill with them again and make funny moments of our own. Thanks for reading!
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