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  1. Oh really? A lot of code? Lets do some fact-checking. Luckily I had Git from old UAG, so I could easily check how many lines you've written and easily compare how much Zircon has expanded. According to Git, the total lines of code on Zircon (which you wrote) was 8183. And even then, some of the code was mine (scoreboard, notifications...)! Lets compare this to the current Git: 21122. So, who wrote more code, you or me? :)
  2. In that case, your lack of logical thinking is above your imagination, because I did not get lazy to run a clan, but I (as you assumed, which does not mean it's true) got lazy to script. Anyways, it's UAG now, lets see if it'll surpass the life time of old UAG.
  3. You call getting lazy to run a clan an unfortunate event? That's low, even for you haha! I am sure Project Beast would outlive UAG by a lot, I'm willing to bet on it.
  4. Sooner as in 3 years like UAG needed before it disbanded & changed to a network or whatever? Hehe, guess we'll have to see.
  5. How could you do this to me? I trusted you and took you in and this is how you repay me? How can you say that I don't do shit while I am working my ass off on things like dashboard, lets also not forget Onyx! I put so much into this clan (Zircon soon btw) and it didn't die yet. How's this for being lazy ass?
  6. Welcome everyone to the very first edition of developers blogs series. My English is not the best, but I will try my very best to write properly and make it understandable. This series will not only include news about Onyx, but other services too. You must have seen "Onyx" on our Discord server and you probably wondered: What is it for? Well, I'm here to tell you that. Without further ado, let me formally introduce Onyx to you. What is Onyx? Onyx is a Discord bot which connects our forums and upcoming MTA server with Discord server. It will also include fun commands, Cleverbot (that you can talk to), custom points system which will be connected to the server and much much more! Under the hood Like every application that needs sophisticated code, Onyx does too. It is written in Java, which uses JDA (Java Discord API) as a dependency. JDA then provides full wrapping of the Discord REST API and its Websocket Events. We are then able to communicate with our Discord server. The Cleverbot that you talk to is actually not made by me, I used an API for that (not the original Cleverbot API, because that one is not free). Future of Onyx ... is tied with endless imagination - which you can contribute to by posting suggestions! For now, its only function is answering various questions you set (unfortunately, the answers will never be about Project Beast) and has a few commands (listed below), but we plan so much more! Like linking your Discord account (within our Discord server of course) with forum and server account; by doing that, you'll be able to view and share server statistics, gain access to special features if you are donator and more. Current commands !ping - Pong! Shows response time from our server to Discord server and API ping. !link - Links your account with forum account. Onyx will send you instructions. (Still work in progress, will be announced once finished) !fml - Outputs random F*** My Life line. And for our members: !passwords - Outputs passwords for all of our servers. !help command will be implemented later. Don't worry, when it's finished, you will know. Commands that are planned in the very near future: !score - Show current clanwar's score, round number etc. The bot will also post clanwar points when a clan scores. !vote - Start a vote, that will go on for few minutes and at the end, it will output the vote result. Command can be used in so many (and funny) ways. Last but not least I want to know your opinions what do you think about devblogging. What do you expect from these blogs and what would you like to see in the next edition? Post and tell me! If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Whether this series will thrive is entirely up to you, community. And yes, Zircon has not been forgotten. I'm just focusing on something that we'll reveal soon. Keep your eyes open, because more unique content is coming and we are more alive than ever! Join us on discord and check it out!
  7. Ford Mustang.
  8. Declined - you know why.
  9. Hello dear community, It has been a while, nevertheless we firstly want to apologize for the lack development as we faced a few internal issues that have been completely sorted which now results to the release of our second revelation. In this revelation video, we’re going to show you our login panel, which is made with our new library. This library is made purely with drawing functions (there is no CEF involved). It currently features: Fully working edit box with selection, caret/cursor and slider. Button with waves when you click on it. Simple text and tile classes. The library will be used on a later project (Zircon 2.0) which will remain a secret for now. When you connect to the server, you see your avatar, which is surrounded by a shader: black & white mask around it. When the avatar is clicked, the mask will slowly diminish, expanding the colored area in a circular way. The avatar will then move up and the login panel is revealed. The shader was developed by @Ren712 who doesn't seem to be running out of ideas anytime soon. When you write your username, the script will do a check upon the server, which will then send the image URL. The client will then load the image. We support GIF too! Yes, we haven't revealed notifications that indicate the login state as we have planned to reveal UI later on. The final upgrade It is time to announce on which server you'll play. The new server is located in Germany. We will let you know when we move to the new server; we swear, it is the last move. CPU: Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v5 Quad-Core Skylake 3.6 GHz (Max 4.0 GHz) RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM Disks: 2 x 512 GB NVMe Gen3 x4 SSD (RAID 1) Connection: Guaranteed 1 Gbit/s (Symmetrical) And of course: Anti-DDoS to keep script kiddies away! Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media!
  10. Yeah, don't worry. It's in our to-do list to support as many countries as possible.
  11. *Team name: WAT *Team colorcode: #ff69b4 *Team avatar: *Team members: - GTX - Crackz - Vento - Adam (reserve-optional) Approved
  12. This topic will provide everything that you need to know on how to make a proper join request, that is; tips on how to increase your chance of joining our clan, most basic requirements for joining and other general information. Eligibility We are looking for most trustworthy and reliable administrators (and of course perhaps people with some talents). Note that we do not take server statistics in consideration when accepting new members. Although we do look for most active players in the join request pool (by your play time on server and activity on forums). You must meet at least one criteria below: Objective, trustworthy, reliable, ethical and respectful administrator. Vouched by few (not only one) clan members. Particular skills. Could be coding in general, mapping, designing, video editing and/or modeling. The criteria below will be also taken into consideration (in order, from highest priority to lowest): Loyalty. Reputation. Availability on the server (high play time on server and online time on forums). If you do not possess any of those criteria then don't worry, continue your hard work and try to fill criteria which are missing. Format There is no particular format because we think it'll help us choose future clan members more easily. You are the one who will carve the format. We'll check your formats thoroughly. The better the format is, the more chance you have to get our eyes on the join request. Although you'll make the format yourself, you'll need to specify some crucial information about yourself and your MTA career. Your format must include: Nickname(s), age, location. Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. Past clans and reason of your desertion. Why do you want to join our clan? What are your intentions in our clan? NOTE AGAIN THAT THIS IS NOT ACTUAL FORMAT! FORMATS ARE CARVED BY YOURSELVES. Rules In this section, there are few rules which should be followed. Any violation of these rules stated below will result in immediate termination of join request. In worst case scenario, termination of join request permanently (for the rest of your life). Only one join request per cycle. If your join request was/is terminated, you can't participate in current cycle. Be polite, have common sense, do not use Google Translate. Be yourself. Do not let someone else write join request for you. In case of false information, you may fail trial period. Do not be rude. Some humor can be healthy. Eh, I forgot to write something humorous in here... Sorry! You can fail your trial period by behaving bad, being subjective when it comes to judgment of player's bad action and not being respectful towards the staff and players on the server. Be nice to players, give them directions and answer their questions. If you cancel your join request, your chances to join will significantly decrease, as it indicates that you are not interested in our community and being a part of it. That is all you need to know. Keep your eyes on this topic frequently, as it may change.
  13. Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the IPS Community Suite. View our Pages documentation