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  1. Better luck this time. Tell me if you need a referee a bit earlier this time.
  2. 10/10, it's MD mahbois!
  3. Just to be clear, for those who were saying I was listening to Beast calls, that is totally not true. I did my job as a referee, took every single decision based on rules that both teams agreed upon. When your pings exceed the limit, that's certainly not my fault and any other referee would decide to blow the lagging player. Regarding the end of the game, I decided to keep it a draw and not play an extra round because I simply can not force Beast to play one more round if they don't want to, as simple as that. A clan war has 20 rounds, playing an extra round is just an addition (IN CASE) both teams agree.
  4. Hey! I'm glad to see a step forward. It's taking some real time but it's totally understandable, @GTX is all on his own and you've got to appreciate his dedication to the project! I really hope you find a partner to work with and release the damn server asap since everyone's excited about it! I may not be part of this project anymore but I still feel somehow related to it thanks to the great moments we've had together (despite dem lil*t happens). Last but not least, I'd like to congratulate the new trials and I wish you the best of luck.
  5. So far, the best map I've seen a while. Cool song too
  6. Great one, thanks!
  7. Effortless application. You've just shown how interested you really are in our community, thus locked & declined. You can re-make another application, but this time make sure you make a decent one.
  8. One of the cleanest clan wars we have ever had. Not saying this cuz we won, but there was no single misunderstanding. I can say that Korn had a bad luck, because I'm sure they can perform better. Good luck with your next clan wars and thanks to the referees! Also, thanks to me for doing @NICHOLAS job
  9. Awesome
  10. Hello @Infern_0, First of all, thanks for applying and putting some efforts on your application, it is quite decent. However, I have the feeling that you might go inactive since it's mentioned on your application that you had many breaks from the game. I want you to think about your availability and make sure in case you make it to our team, you will remain active. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck!
  11. Do you play LoL ? 

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    2. PeeJ


      lmao.. start again :O)

    3. KnOwN


      Nah, I'm kinda pissed off :/

      Wasted too much on that game, around 50 cool skins x.x 

    4. PeeJ


      lol damn....

  12. Hello, welcome there! What's your rank in League Of Legends?
  13. Well, the best friend I ever had is Kiwi