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  1. The perfect CD doesnt exi-...

  2. Oxy

    Hunter [ OxY ] Part 2

    Hi, i've been trying to make my 2nd hunter montage, this is the final result, enjoy!
  3. Hey, these are my ideas for the Hunter server Spectators script Add limit time ( 15 mins per map ) (Maybe) The player gets blown up after 3 sprays I suggest to delete few maps, which they are unplayable when there are 10 or more players online improve scoreboard design
  4. Oxy

    Project Revival

  5. Oxy

    GeroX vol.7 - Just 9 Months

    That is a sick map dude ! I liked the style and the track, this style became really rare, not to mention how good is the recording !
  6. Welcome and enjoy your stay
  7. When i ask for backupF8BE6322-2A8E-4ECB-9BCC-FCAE23D9774B.gif.4a6d833a3a401d47a66dfdffab1ef2c4.gif

  8. What is it like when u ask about zirconium ?


  9. Less monkeys :D for more bananas :D 

  10. Oxy

    How well are u known

    10/10 my big brother and one of my favorite mappers :”)