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  1. Make me a wallpaper pretty plz
  2. Damn :( I was so excited about UAG|MunK! xD
  3. Tbh I have never seen GTX do any progress in the time I have been in this clan. I think a new leader and developer (and in this case both)will bring this clan to where it's supposed to be and hopefully we can open soon™ p.s I like how UAG|MunK! looks
  4. I'm sorry everyone, I had to pause the giveaway. My mom was taken to the hospital yesterday night. For those who don't know, hospital bills here in USA are ridiculously expensive, and until I know for sure what the bill is going to be the giveaway will be paused. There is still about a month left for the giveaway, so hopefully I get all of this sorted out soon.
  5. miragemta/cengizhan has been disqualified
  6. 10/10, Would download again
  7. barbytute*******/sigiux******* has been disqualified. lamakak********/ruta.grinevic******** has been disqualified.
  8. Please DO NOT try to register twice. The website detects IP address and anyone that tries to enter twice WILL be disqualified on BOTH emails that they entered. Sorry, not sorry to the one that tried to do it.
  9. 7/10 Needs a little work, but you're in the right direction.
  10. Brand new Cyberpower gaming PC. I'll give away the PC next year around February but you can start to enter the giveaway on the 20th of this month!! Intel i5-7400 3.0GHz, NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD, Win 10 Home Enter HERE!
  11. 1/10
  12. COOOOOONN!!!!!!! Nice to see you back brah, Hope I san see you in game Soon™
  13. This videos/music take you on a weird trip when you're high