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  1. TheDragon

    Project Beast vs The Crew #3 (11-9)

    Enjoy Refereeing this! Well played bois :D
  2. TheDragon

    [1 april joke] I am taking over + new name

    OMG OMG UAG ! Time to Apply for UAG!!1!1!1 UAG|TheDragoN sounds amazing
  3. Nickname(s), age, location: Hello i am ^~>THEDRAGON# i'm 20 years old and i live in Paraguay. Contact method, Skype or Discord: both (vishal already have me in skype & Discord) At what time would you be free to organize an event: 18:45 CET Everyday if i don't have choose as referee of any ffs tournament games. Your experience with hunter/Organizing/Moderating: experience in hunter: winner of competition 2.0 Hunter Kills in Twisted Gamers and Organizing/MOD: Main/Assistant Referee of L7 OS - DM, WFF OS - DM in FFS Gaming (current role). Cheers.
  4. TheDragon

    Olympics: Registration & Quick Info

    Nickname: TheDragon Country: Paraguay Skype/Discord: live:thedragon97 Serial: Hu3 :D