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  1. As many of you noticed (honestly, we didn't even try to make it seem all too real, that wasn't our plan anyhow) this was a 1 april joke. The name of the clan remains Project Beast and remains in the capable hands of @VISHAL @Djdidier and @GTX who are all doing an amazing job (even if it's not always visible to the whole community, I can assure you they do in the background, without them Project Beast would be nothing). Everything I wrote in the first post I naturally did not mean and the fight GTX and I had in the posts below was staged as well, some of the things he wrote I came up with. We are working very hard on developing the server for Project Beast which I know has been taking a long time. The reason for this is that we don't want to yet be another clan with yet another mgm server. We want to bring you a whole new experience and truly innovate, we want to leave a nice footprint in the history of MTA and create a base for the future of the racing (DD/DM/Shooter/Hunter whatever) community. And innovating we are, I can tell you that. (Also, personally I want to help the racing community unite again as it was in the past. MTA itself is growing heavily in player count but the racing community is rapidly losing players. One of these is a lack of innovating and another is the increased tension between clans. Part of why I am here at Project Beast, and therefore returned to MTA, is to help resolve this.) I hope you are as excited about the future as I am!
  2. Line count however does not tell much. It is about the quality of this code, you can easily write a lot of horrible code but does it really work in the end? Is it really that efficient? And the lines of code I wrote were on the hardest part of the whole project, the rooms, map loading (with heavy compression!) and the gamemodes.
  3. It wasn't laziness, there were many other factors. Don't forget I did write a lot of code during that time, you were even there to witness it! I took over.
  4. Under that logic Project Beast was in an unfortunate event with you which I am now resolving.
  5. UAG was due to unfortunate events, but even then development was going faster than it is with you.
  6. Now that I am in control of development instead of GTX it'll be here a lot sooner than it otherwise would.
  7. Oh really? The dashboard that had to be finished months ago? Haven't seen it in action yet. Then, Onyx, seems just like a bunch of code taken from the internet and combined into one, what about working on the server instead?
  8. UAG|iBoSs got to get the tag right.
  9. THIS WAS A 1 APRIL JOKE. READ MY FULL STATEMENT HERE. Hey there, As most of you know I joined Project Beast as one of the new developers a while ago to help its grow and further develop the server all of you have been waiting on for so long. So? What is this post for then? Well, let us say that I have noticed some things during my stay here and well... I am taking over. Yes. You are reading it correctly, I am taking Project Beast over from @VISHAL @Djdidier and @GTX. Not that they like it but it's in the best interest of this clan that I do, after all, that is why I am here. So, what are the things I noticed then? Let's start with how lazy GTX is, he doesn't do anything but sit on his butt all day long! He probably thinks staring at a piece of code counts as coding, but no GTX, it doesn't. Perhaps we should add this piece of code to the server just for you: function onJoin() if (getPlayerSerial(source) == serialGTX) then -- Serial stored elsewhere, don't want it to be public. kickPlayer(source, "Come back when you know how to WRITE code. Not just READ it.") end end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), onJoin) Perhaps then you will understand it. But, enough about GTX, let us move on to Vishal, all you're really doing in this clan is causing trouble on clan-wars. We should change your title to "Troublemaker", it'll fit you much better. Then, Didier, I could just remove you and nobody would even notice, where are you? Haven't seen you in ages. This is not the best part however. Not only will the clan heavily improve from now on during my leadership (naturally) but we are also renaming the clan. Why? Because we want higher standards than there are right now. Project Beast just doesn't cut it, since we do need members we'll keep all of our current clan members in, for now. We'll do a lot of restructuring however. Anyhow, from now on we shall be known as: Ultimate AIR Gamers Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Well, you'll definitely love our new logo then: I am excited to bring this clan to a whole new level from now on and hope all of you are as well. Let's make an amazing future together as Ultimate AIR Gamers! Sincerely, Megadreams Your new leader, your new master.
  10. Dear MTA players and server owners, Thank you for participating in my survey in regards of Anti-Bounce 3. It has taught me a lot about why people like and don't like Anti-Bounce. This, together with the other important questions you answered will definitely be used to make Anti-Bounce 3 the best version yet. Anyhow, based on the results I will release a version 2.6.0 of Anti-Bounce already containing recording tools that allow you to record a bounce that happened but went undetected and glitches that you expect to be caused by Anti-Bounce. This will help me a lot in investigating the reason behind these and solving them for Anti-Bounce 3 and the versions afterwards. For server owners it is very clear that the customization possibilities are still heavily wanted and therefore they'll be kept in, this version will automatically convert your old 'config.xml' file into the new format and will have backwards compatibility for all exported functions and events (although some of them will be marked as deprecated, so update them eventually). Development of Anti-Bounce version 2.6.0 and Anti-Bounce 3 can be followed on Github. Sincerely, Megadreams
  11. Please help me make Anti-Bounce 3 as best as it can be!


  12. Hey there everyone! Due to popular demand I am going to continue develop Anti-Bounce 3 but I want to make sure to make it as best a possible. For this reason I have assembled a Google Form with some questions I would like all of you to answer. By doing so I can make sure that Anti-Bounce 3 fulfills everyone's needs. Click here to fill in the form Sincerely, Megadreams
  13. Due to popular demand I'm announcing that I will start working on Anti-Bounce v3 again which will have a completely rewritten and much more accurate detection system.

  14. No idea who you are, sorry. 1/10