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  1. Megadreams

    It's time to start training!

    (... because we know our members have to train) (Server continues development and will improve heavily over a short period of time.) Hey there, I am thrilled to announce that Project Beast now has an up and running training server featuring various of different maps from: DM, DD, Shooter, Race, Fun and Hunter. While we are still heavily developing Zircon we will keep this server in active development which means that over time new functionality will be added and ultimately for the server to be integrated into Zircon itself. But for now let's talk about how this training server came into place, what it offers and what is planned for the future. First of all, why did we decide to create a training server? As you may know we actively play in tournaments and clanwars and wanted our members to have a place to properly train within our own community so that we can accommodate their needs as best as possible. Similarly we also want to offer a decent place to train for tournaments we host ourselves like the Unleash the Beasts tournament (which finally can start now). The training server has been built on top of an old multi-gamemode of GTX and myself that was named "Sapphire" (hence why it appears as Sapphire in the server list), it has been fully reworked into a stable training server. Throughout this time we also applied a lot of fixes and performance upgrades and will continue to do so. As you may imagine this wasn't an easy task. When entering the server you get presented with a map list (f2 brings it back up) with various of different tabs making it easy to filter maps by type or even special occasions like clanwars and the Unleash the Beast tournament. A search bar is also in place to quickly search for the exact map you want. Unfortunately we only have around 730 maps between the various of categories uploaded right now but will continue to upload more maps over time. As the web dashboard is still in development we unfortunately cannot yet offer a map uploader on our website but will do so through a Discord bot as soon as possible (which may even be more convenient for all of you). The server has a pretty decent but tiny UI right now but this will be heavily extended upon later on by including a NOS bar, health bar, time played, etc... but this was not a necessity yet for its public launch. We also offer some other basic functionality like a carhide/carfade (f3) and warps which can be saved by using "x" and loaded back in by pressing "n". We are however working on a rewind system and spawnpoint selection so stay in touch for that! Toptimes will also be added fairly soon to allow for some competitive training inside the server. Together with various of statistics (like kills - together with a UI - for shooter/dd/hunter) once we have established an account system. Currently we are also working on a new, customized scoreboard but until then we'll keep on using the default MTA scoreboard with some alterations which will work just fine for now. Enough reading for now, naturally all of you want to know how to get on this brand-new training server of ours and I am here to tell you exactly that. You can either simply search for "Project Beast" in MTA or connect through mtasa:// Have fun training! Sincerely, Project Beast administration and development teams
  2. Please report any issues to either @GTX or @Megadreams. The website has been transferred to a new server.

  3. Hey there, Registrations are closed and everything has been set-up, so we are ready to go! Although I want to express that I am deeply sorry for the delays, after all each of us does this in our free time and sometimes real-life things gain priority. But rest assured, it's all smooth sailing from her on out. Let's start with the fixtures, these are listed below and will be updated after each match. Do note that on each side 2 teams (4 in total) have to compete with each other to get into the qualification round. This is due to the amount of teams that have signed up to the competition (elimination requires a power of 4 to work). However, we did not want to deny any teams the opportunity to be part of this contest. This is our solution, the 4 teams that have to battle before the qualification round were chosen at random. Maps [QUALIFICATION ROUND ONLY] Maps have been chosen as a throwback to the old shooter days and somewhat more modern ones. We want you to appreciate how shooter used to be before many players tried to alter it. Jumps enabled 1. Tobster - Kamikaze 2. Munk ft. Tobster - China 3. FanTa ft Zebra - Another World III 4. Skotinka - 2x2 5. ExXoTicC ft. Diesulke - The Big Bang Theory -III- Jumps disabled 6. EDOS ft. Ron1 - Shooter 7. EDOS ft. Ron1 - Shooter II 8. BackFlip - Airport 9. Tobster - The Castle 10. Tobster - The Castle III Map list can change. If this happens teams will be notified on time. If any mistakes are made or teams disagree with the choices, feel free to contact @Megadreams or @iBoSs Rules 1. Camping is NOT allowed. The violating player will be removed from the round. Repeating violation will result in full disqualification of that player from the tournament. 2. Maximum allowed ping is 350 (with a maximum difference between the lowest and highest point of a user their ping of 75 per a 10 second interval). Limits can be adjusted at the discretion of the organizers prior to a round. 3. Minimum allowed FPS is 24. Limits can be adjusted at the discretion of the organizers prior to a round. 4. Cheats / hacks are highly prohibited and will lead to disqualification of the whole team. The violator will also be reported to the MTA team to be added to the global MTA blacklist. 5. Screenshots have to be enabled. On random intervals a screenshot of each participant will be taken (without chat - because of privacy) to make sure each participant is playing truthfully. 6. Vehicle modifications are only allowed if they do not alter the collision or any other aspect that may cause sync issues. This will be enforced by information gathered from the admin panel and the screenshots mentioned above. 7. Each round may only take up 10 minutes max. The team with the most alive participants will automatically win then. Upon a draw the winning team will be chosen by random. (Keep the no-camping rule in mind!) 8. Ground-killing is fully allowed. There are no specific rules about how what you can and cannot do to kill an opponent. 9. Friendly fire is enabled. Be cautious and coordinate with your team to not accidentally kill a teammate! 10.Once the first match is played roster changes aren't allowed 11.Only team captains can talk for their team in the chat The team captains of each teams will be contacted individually to discuss match dates and times. Sincerely, The Unleash The Beast organisation team
  4. Hey there! The registrations are now officially closed. We thank those who have signed up! Within a few days we will reveal the setup for the qualification rounds and the rules tied to this tournament so please keep an eye on our forum.
  5. Hey there! We are very glad to see the amount of teams that have been registered thus far and are slowly getting ready to get the tournament going. In exactly one week from now (on May 18) we are closing the registrations and will outline all the rules for the tournament and start with the qualification stage. Haven't yet registered for the tournament? Don't hesitate and do so here. Looking for a team to join or players to invite into your team? Then take a look here.
  6. Megadreams

    Unleash the Beasts - registration

    Username: Megadreams Skype/Discord username (or other contact info): Megadreams#8012 Team tag: -pRo- Team players: Megadreams (team captain) Munk7 Djdidier Additional information: Step aside for the pro's!
  7. Are you ready to unleash the beast inside of you? Hey there, I am very thrilled to announce Unleash the Beasts, The official shooter tournament by Project Beast. In this tournament teams of 5 players (3 player, 2 reserve) will be participating against each other on various shooter maps (mixed between jump enabled and no-jump maps). In the first stage, known as the qualification stage, 5 maps of each category (10 maps total) are played and pre-selected by the organization team which consists of @Megadreams (lead organizer), @VISHAL, @VarieN, @MunK7 and @Mazen. The next stages, known as the knockout stages, will have 4 rounds each (5 in case of a tie) and will be preceded by a vote between all the teams for the maps to be used. The finals will, just like the qualification round, consist out of the 10 rounds (5 maps per category) that are pre-selected by the organization team. The players of the winning team (including the reserves) will win a €15 Steam gift card each. Isn't that nice? So, are you up for the challenge and assembled a team? Then head to the registration topic here and register for the tournament now! Sincerely, The Project Beast team
  8. The organization team consists of @Megadreams and @iBoSs (lead organizers), @VISHAL and @MunK7.
  9. Megadreams

    Unleash the Beasts - registration

    Registration To participate in the Unleash the Beasts tournament all you have to do is make a post in this topic using the following format: Still looking for a team to be a part of or more players for your existing team? Then check out this topic.
  10. Looking for a team / team players You want to participate in our tournament but cannot find a team to be part of? Then post a topic in this forum using the following title format: [PLAYER] your_username, others can then convince you to join their team by commenting. We suggest using a format like this for your post: Similarily it could be that you are assembling a team but are still looking for players. In this case you can open a topic in this forum with the following title format: [TEAM] team_name, potential players can then request to join your team by commenting. We suggest using a format like this for your post:
  11. Megadreams

    [1 april joke] I am taking over + new name

    As many of you noticed (honestly, we didn't even try to make it seem all too real, that wasn't our plan anyhow) this was a 1 april joke. The name of the clan remains Project Beast and remains in the capable hands of @VISHAL @Djdidier and @GTX who are all doing an amazing job (even if it's not always visible to the whole community, I can assure you they do in the background, without them Project Beast would be nothing). Everything I wrote in the first post I naturally did not mean and the fight GTX and I had in the posts below was staged as well, some of the things he wrote I came up with. We are working very hard on developing the server for Project Beast which I know has been taking a long time. The reason for this is that we don't want to yet be another clan with yet another mgm server. We want to bring you a whole new experience and truly innovate, we want to leave a nice footprint in the history of MTA and create a base for the future of the racing (DD/DM/Shooter/Hunter whatever) community. And innovating we are, I can tell you that. (Also, personally I want to help the racing community unite again as it was in the past. MTA itself is growing heavily in player count but the racing community is rapidly losing players. One of these is a lack of innovating and another is the increased tension between clans. Part of why I am here at Project Beast, and therefore returned to MTA, is to help resolve this.) I hope you are as excited about the future as I am!
  12. Megadreams

    [1 april joke] I am taking over + new name

    Line count however does not tell much. It is about the quality of this code, you can easily write a lot of horrible code but does it really work in the end? Is it really that efficient? And the lines of code I wrote were on the hardest part of the whole project, the rooms, map loading (with heavy compression!) and the gamemodes.
  13. Megadreams

    [1 april joke] I am taking over + new name

    It wasn't laziness, there were many other factors. Don't forget I did write a lot of code during that time, you were even there to witness it! I took over.
  14. Megadreams

    [1 april joke] I am taking over + new name

    Under that logic Project Beast was in an unfortunate event with you which I am now resolving.
  15. Megadreams

    [1 april joke] I am taking over + new name

    UAG was due to unfortunate events, but even then development was going faster than it is with you.