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  1. No idea who you are, sorry. 1/10
  2. One issue though, you never call that method again so it wouldn't go through the loop again. There are much better solutions out there anyhow.
  3. Well, you can disable the check which technically would allow it. Or you could simply use a coroutine or a timer.
  4. 7/10 Seen and talked to quite some times.
  5. Win and advance. Lose and it's over for you."Quater Finals will be best of 5s, while the Semi-Final and Final match(es) will be best of 7."
  6. 5000/10 Nuff said
  7. 7/10 Finally someone I know! ^^
  8. 1/10 Unfortunately I don't know you.
  9. = All match dates and times were based upon information given by teams prior to 21 July. All times are in GMT+2 (CEST). Match information will be updated after every match so check regularly!
  10. 1/10 Haven't heard of you nor seen you before I am afraid.
  11. Team Name(tag): - Project AIR (PAIR) Team avatar: - TBA Team Rocketeers - Megadreams - MegadreamsBE - VISHAL - V1sh4LGM (yes, he had it wrong in the first post) - GTX - _gtx Approved