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  1. scurr

    this stupid cat on your picture.. haha

  2. scurr

    Enter the Matter Era

    How long we've been waiting for this... Big respect and thanks to our Developers. - You keep us moving forward. keep it up boiis, your
  3. scurr

    How well are u known

    10/10 best DD player
  4. scurr


    you pay the shipping
  5. scurr

    Hunter [ OxY ] Part 2

    already liked and fapped on it
  6. Hello! After a seemingly simple clan war against Deserts, this coming saturday we'll be facing off against one of the uprising clans termed Unlimited Power. We are well prepared and excited to see what our new team is capable off during this test. I hope it's going to be an entertaining one for the spectators so feel free to come over to our clan war server and support a team! Referee Praker, Marque Stream by Infern_0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsUHWz8B0s2ohjRhJCXJgWA/featured CLANWAR PLAYERS Project Beast Players • B#Dice • B#Oxy • B#SIISTI • B#STRAKER • B#RHYPZ Reserves • B#Beyond • B#VISHAL Unlimited Power Players • #UP|Corrupt • #UP|Every • #UP|BLTZ • #UP|Cassio • #UP|ZeaN • #UP|Chryxz • #UP|GunZ • #UP|GameX • #UP|Siide CLANWAR MAPS Project Beast Maps • [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV • [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great • [DM] APs v3 - Rampage • [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class • [DM] Vortex v9 - A New Era Unlimited Power Maps • [DM] SilverFOX - Ember • [DM] Zean - Singularity • [DM] BriaN - Mustang • [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory • [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteotero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II CLANWAR RULES
  7. scurr

    Project Revival

    The Revival Her Birth - Revelation 3 Beautiful Video. - I feel it in someway.. especially by Taarkans part. I would call that a "Birth" from our new beast logo. I'm proud of this concept and proud to be in Project Beast. - Thanks to the Leadership and Clan Members for comfortables in the clan. Zircon now it's your turn to come alive! @GTX
  8. The end of 2017 is coming to an end. I reached my goals in this year and I'm very proud of it. I wanna announcement my next goal for 2018. I'm ready to quit gaming and yes... this was a difficult decision for me... I only can talk about the good things in gaming. I VERY enjoyed my time in playing video games and I've met a lot of new friends, improved my english and had fun for the whole time. I made money with trading and betting (csgo skins). I laught many times...and I'm still thinking about the funny times with my mates. I just wanna say that I felt it right and can recommend it to everyone who is not playing video games. I'll definitely miss the time in which I invest in: MTA, PUBG, GTA V, LoL, Rust, Minecraft, Browser Games, Rainbow Six, CS:GO, Garrys Mod and more... MTA is the game that addicted me hard. I'm playing MTA since 2012 and I've changed every year (for some reason) my names. max91152, IndeX, PapieR, PooH or currently scurr. My nolife at least was worth it. my designer website is out without a "epic trailer", "epic music" and "epic cinematic". The reason: I've no time. My imagination is very big because I'm a creative head and I'm a bit disappointed that I did not reach my goal of professionally presenting my website. I'm working since October (2 months exactly) and I'm still not finished. However.. I don't wanna hide this anymore. scurr.net is available now. MAKES MORE SENSE IF U VISIT THE WEBSITE WITH YOUR PC. Is it worth it to stay in Project Beast? I actually never thought about leaving since I feel comfortable here. The Members in Project Beast has a diversity of personality and I love them all. But what is... if I don't play anymore? I wouldn't cry If I get kicked or smth like that but If I waste a "place" in this clan.. then is it understandable and I accept that. I think I'm useless anyway because I stopped designing for them since I started my new website and I'll not do anything with designing (exceptions possible) anymore because this hobby is time wasting except on weekends. My passion is designing since 2014 and I improved a lot from day to day. Since my quality went higher.. is the time in which I put my love to every single detail in designs, longer. Maybe I'll do an comeback... maybe... If I find the time for it. I'm almost writing every week/month an exam... so rip time. I did it for recognition. Thanks to everyone who appreciate my work. Best Sincerely
  9. scurr

    Slime ft ? - ?

    nos mod?
  10. scurr

    Devblog #1: Introducing Onyx

    Fantastic! - I'm so excited on the coming up Blogs and Updates. Btw which gender is Onyx? You forgot to write it hehe jk ^^ Hope we're not so far from Zircon and I would see more progress from it. However... whenever the time comes, I'm sure, it will be worth it. Thank you @GTX.
  11. scurr

    How well are u known

  12. scurr

    How well are u known

    10/10 open bob open vagene
  13. scurr

    Graphic Designs.

    Nice. Keep it up buddy! I like the 2 last ones. If you need some tips then I would recommend you to play with some Color Corrections or to modify the background of the image. I know no one gives a f*ck about the Background but MTA looks sometimes sad and ugly. You can do many things in it. Here as example the car on the left of the background: • new car textures and some effects • new road textures - what I forgot (bcs that's an old pic) is it to add Color Corrections... however If you want those angle pictures then download a beautiful deco map and add some cars. - Find a nice position and that's all. Ik u know it without me. :^) Hope the 2 tips were helpful. Have a nice day! Sincerely Max
  14. scurr

    How well are u known

    9/11 Clown of Project Beast. Change your name too Clownolel kappa :^)