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  1. On it boss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Well presented sir
  3. Eligibility: Trustworthy and reliable. Basic/minimal knowledge regarding event organizing. Good reputation Hunter knowledge and skill, moderate Active Format: Nickname(s), age, location: Contact method, Skype or Discord: (We would recommend you to get yourself a discord account, since we'll provide you with a special role on our channel and to stay in constant touch with our team) At what time would you be free to organize an event: (Remember, we are looking to cover most time zones in order to provide our community with constant events, we are especially seeking to get a few latin organizers) Your experience with hunter/Organizing/Moderating: (Just mention how long you've been into the game mode, feel free to provide montages or extra information) Your role as an organizer and the rights you receive: Server moderation. Organize events based on the time you have provided in your application, you are free to organize whenever you feel to as well. You receive complete access to our event script, moderator rights to mute/kick a player. A special role on our discord server, in order to advertise the match you host, you could announce and share the event information over discord on our revival-channel. A special rank on our website Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
  4. As mentioned before our hunter server is currently at the BETA stage, whats important now is to regularly update the server with the feed back we get from the community and improve it in order to make it much more enjoyable. From UI updates to new script add-ons, everything will be covered. We request you to please post any form of feedback or ideas that you want us to implement on the server/remove in our Ideas & Suggestion section: Please make sure you join our discord channel in order to follow your stats(kills) which are now attainable by using the command !ranks Soon enough you'll be able to check them on the server via scoreboard(update) Join on us on discord: Details regarding SERVER UPDATES will be posted below
  5. Welcome, The launch of our very first public server is going to to portray what our team is really capable of, from administrating, behavior and the level of knowledge within our team regarding decision making, event management. A special thank you to the ones featured in the video and of course, Tarkaan we love you! Server Script Contents: Spray detector Map limit detector Kill messages Top kills chart for a particular round Anti-Hunter mod Top 3 - Ranks Kill storage Server Events: As you may have already seen, our hunter server consists of a clan war based system. Our main intention is to provide our community with competitive, fair and fun matches! We will be gathering a team outside our clan itself to help us out with this as well. The match could be organized based on a stipulation you could think of in order to make it interesting and the amount of players available on the server. We will have a separate section on our website for you to post information regarding when you(an organizer) is going to conduct a match on the server Mandatory event times will also be added In order to make the experience better, we urge people who have the time and capability to stream or record the matches and later on publish them on a platform you are comfortable with. You are also free to edit it in any way you want, comic, drastic or action. That's left to you! Timings of events will start to vary as days go by, we should also focus on organizing for the latino base as well. Server Event managers and moderator: @scurr who had put in the effort and time to work on some amazing looking animations for ranks on our main server will be used on our hunter server. The hunter server is going to store kills via your forum account, you'll have to use a command /alogin and login in order to get your kills stored on our server. That will further be moved to our main server. The ranks that we have come up with are only for the top 3, this is a simple display of what is to come in the future as we had earlier announced a diverse ranking system that features tons of ranks, levels. Each will consist of a different animations for you to out stand and be proud of the rank you have achieved. The Beast - Highest kills on the server Sapphire - Second most kills on the server Rust - Third most kills on the server Respective ranks will be provided a week post the official launch. A separate section on the site will soon be opened for you to post an application and get involved with the community. The server will be regularly updated based on feedback. ... DO NOT discuss political & religious. PROJECT BEAST is a political and religious free zone, ... DO NOT portray inappropriate behavior (trolling, offensive, racial slurs), ... DO NOT post inappropriate content, ... DO NOT share an IP address or/and website. Advertisement is prohibited, ... DO NOT flood the chat ... DO NOT share your password with another player, ... DO NOT create multiple accounts, ... DO NOT pressure an admin to provide a response to a report, unban or join request, ... DO NOT disrupt organized events, ... DO NOT use anything that affects fair-game play (cheat engines, edited files, etc.). Join us!: mtasa:// Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media! Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
  6. Hello dear community, March 25th 2017, The last announcement that came from behalf of our community. People most likely have their opinions changed regarding where this community is going, tons of people left the team due to various reasons. Many have even ruled us out of competition in certain aspects of this game. I must say it was a difficult period for us and i'm glad we got through it. I personally never had a doubt about where this community would go since I personally knew this teams capabilities. From the developer to the very normal member that stayed with us. The tremendous loyalty that has been shown towards this community by a group of people will surely be awarded in the future. Majority of the members remaining now are some of them that were apart of us since the very beginning, we once again are very grateful to the ones that have stayed by us and believed that we would once again get back on track. The main reason for a stumble in the development within the clan itself is due to the leadership's inactivity. We completely take responsibility for it. Suprisingly the 3 of us had to go through a lot during the past year which diverted our focus completely on different things. Even though the focus wasn't completely there, the plotting never stopped. We always kept adding more weapons to our arsenal, always thought about things we could do differently and somewhere down the line we did know that things weren't going well but we never once had the intent of shutting this down. Another aspect which affected our clans reputation would be the FFS Lucky Seven Tournament incident. FFS being the peak in this game truly has an affect over the other teams, being so we were banned on their server due to disagreements in opinion and for a decision that we took to leave the tournament right in the middle. We had our reasons and they had theirs, we are glad to have comeback onto good terms with them once again and we look forward to cooperating with them very soon. That's enough of the downfall, let's move onto what this is really about. Well, we could certainly take another year or two in order to publish our main server and make that our first ever release? No. We came to a conclusion somewhere down the line last year to make the first ever public server release from our clan which is going to be the project "Revival" The Revival - Revelation 3 After the demise of Empire of Riders, there was a sudden change in the environment in the game, being the "WFF era" and well most of the hunter players around MTA didn't seem to adapt to different servers for a satisfying hunter game play. Therefore that was thought about within our team and we decided to work on one ourselves. The main goal was to not only provide you with a 1vs1 gameplay but also let you team up and add a little more of competition with ranks. Revealing to you a video that's made to remind of you how challenging, buggy, emotional and mostly wasteful of time playing hunter is: A special thank you to the ones featured in the video ( @Daster @Marque @xDarK1nG @Naval, team Project Beast) and of course, Tarkaan we love you! OFFICIAL LAUNCH IN 1 HOUR FROM TIME IS POSTED. An explanation to everything you have seen in the video which seems to be a suspense is right here: Our official Revelation #3 Topic: Dashboard 2.0 (Yet to be named) This has been a project that was being worked upon once again, somewhere down the line last year. Unfortunately the development on it had to be put on hold due to inactivity. Nevertheless, we managed to finish a lot of work in a little space of time. Our main goal with this project is to build it into a platform which would make it tremendously simple for us to integrate it with our serve in the long term, so yeah we could certainly disclose that this is our next project to be revealed to you very soon. Anyhow we certainly didn't want to let you off without seeing something from it. Front end coding: @Djdidier & @GTX Designing and concepts: @VISHAL & @scurr Clan war stats animation * What can i say? a modern looking, attractive animation that will be featured on even more aspects on our dashboard. Clan war card * Upon hover, ?! Secret. Will be disclosed in the next announcement. Events page * Our main goal with this section is to provide our users with complete access to an ongoing tournament on a single page. "follow" - by following the event you automatically enable notifications that will be sent to you regarding updates going on in the tournament. "stats" - instead of using design concepts to display stats, we decided to do it on our dashboard itself, soon to be revealed. Colorway, Theme: As you may have already noticed, we have decided to switch to a different color way and theme as well. More details will be revealed in the future. Member Updates: As i mentioned before, many departed from our team moving on to different teams and some even retired. We wish them nothing but the best and also warmly welcome @Dice @iBoSs @Default437 @CooN who were added to our squad over an announcement on discord and now congratulations for passing your trial period as well! @BENJAZ unfortunately failed his trial period due to inactivity. We are certainly open to bringing in new faces into our team and also strengthening every aspect of our team. Feel free to post an application and get a chance to become a BEAST. I guess there's only one thing left to say now, time to Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media! Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team
  7. Hello, presenting you one of the most played series in MTA which was developed by Chipy. What i love about this map is, it has a combination of the previous versions of this particular series and the decoration blends with the track even more. Even though it's quite long its surely an enjoyable one. Enjoy Infernus mod by DaXX [Available Soon] Lights by NitroN Song used: The Prodigy - Nasty [Spor Remix]
  8. Your RESO is TOO SMALL try ctrl + scrll down
  9. Fixed, thanks!
  10. Loved the presentation, this team is going to stick by you no matter what so don't worry about being kicked. We dearly thank you for your contribution towards this team and people will surely see the impact you made in the future based on the designs you produced for us. See you on discord ......Mr.Grenade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) nice click bait btw
  11. Absolutely shit
  12. You currently have an application at Sixth Sense, Sir. I hope you make your mind up next time, before applying to multiple teams.
  13. Hello, After yesterdays disappointment against The Crew, it is no secret that we are unhappy regarding the draw itself. Every clan goes into a war trying to prove themselves and get a victory at the end of the day, after so much preparation and dedication nobody wants to end with either a loss or a draw. We certainly didn't want to end it in a draw but personally i respect the time, space and effort that our team puts in. Forcing them to play another round against a team that had several issues regarding their internet and wasted over an hour by taking time to fix it were just certain aspects we took into consideration while making the decision. Whether you like it or not you have to respect peoples time. I would also like to bring to notice that the clan war itself was wonderful, everything went smooth until the very last round i guess? emotions do run wild but we have no complains or regrets with the decision we made. Kudos to The Crew for putting up a good performance and i can surely say it was back and forth and competitive after all. I would also like to give the new generation players their credits as well, since it was clearly their night. Congratulations to everyone involved and we can certainly roll it back once again. Can't wait to face your team once again, your server, your rules, absolutely. We look forward to that challenge in the future. Coming to the main point, we noticed a few flaws in our team that could have easily affected the result in not going our way and also affect the performance of certain players who were distracted by it. One of it which was management, i'm not going to hide the fact that our internal managers weren't up to the task last night which lead the players who were actually playing in managing the list and guiding the team. Which was a huge chaos. Once we notice these flaws, the very next thing we do is to make arrangements in order to fix it. What better way than to bring in new members who are interested in management, organizing and media work. There are many players out there who fall short of joining teams and getting that one opportunity to prove themselves due to lack of skills in-game. I hope you make the most out of your opportunity and what we expect the most is the presentation of your join request. That doesn't mean its closed doors for players who want to be a part of our clan war squad, it's just that is the main criteria we will be looking at. Yes, recruitment is open once again. Make sure you take a good look at our format before posting your join request: Best regards, Project Beast Administration Team SHUT UP;WE CAN'T FOCUS! Social Platforms:
  14. LA mera verga mi pene
  15. OnyxBOT-Today at 11:50 AM @VISHAL Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a noob? Let me put it this way, : the ALICE series is the most reliable computer software ever made. We are for all practical purposes foolproof and incapable of error.