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  1. Hello there It's been a while since i posted something here and now i'm gonna do. This map was totally made just for fun but we get finished and we decided to publish it. At the beginning, Bc and I was talking about our friendship and about that we never made any map together so.. after several weeks we get new partners for it that were interested about the way that the map was oriented. We finished the project almost two months ago. Rapid Sensations comes to show us that the oldschool style still alive in some mappers also it should be noted that this is my 4th official map released till nowdays and my first speed one i hope you like it 🙂 Also i'd like to say that 1044p is suggested to be used.
  2. Dean

    [DM] NoType ft. Dean ft. ??? - ???

    Thanks for the video mate. I'd like to add that my social media for contact me are skype: guirrehs or discord: Dean#9812
  3. Dean

    Unleash the Beasts - Shooter tournament

    Unleash the beast was the name for a map that i'm near to release... :v
  4. Hello everyone , its been a while since i released my lastest map. This time this map comes with Banshee , who asked me for it,who wanted to keep the oldish style alive.
  5. Hello my dear community , today i come to show you my newest map called Color Rush, this job was made with the collaboration of PeeJ & Banshee. I hope you like it 1080p⁶⁰° is highly recommended. Music name: 1- Tha Trickaz - LEGEND 2- R3HAB x Mike Williams - Lullaby
  6. Dean

    Project Theme

    1.- I've saw that in your roster has good scripters and designers , then i was thinkin' , why you don't any mta theme? Like default when we install the game. I think that should be a good idea , I like your logo and i would like to see instantly when mta being opened.
  7. I’m the new boss New stanzas, two hands up Cold pen, like I’m the new frost I'mma, hold up, find me in my habitat Bloggin' like a motherfucker Grabbing on that hourglass My stopwatch like an hour fast:cool::106_middle_finger:

  8. Dean

    BrendaN Ft. Dean - Invincible -

    Thank you for your help in scripting meta , i was very helpful :). The weather changed a bit , maybe the record could been better but any other answered me. Anyway , thanks for your positive feedback @RuSO
  9. Hello there , today i present you "Invincible" , a map created in featuring with BrendaN. I hope you like it.