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  1. Nickname(s), age, location: My nickname:kevin^^ ; I'm 14 years old ; I live in Romania ( Ramnicu Valcea ) Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career: My adventure with MTA began in 2010. I've been playing with my friend in freeroam servers, but nothing worth your attention happened. The real adventure started when I found DM. I have joined many clans and had so much experiences. My first clan was 3R. I wanted to try for fZ and I made JR and got accepted. And now I'm here, with the shade of hope to join this wonderful community again. Past clans and reason of your desertion: |rP|RedProject|Member|Left |3R|3liteRacers|Member|Left |fZ|FuriouZ Gaming|Member|Left Why do you want to join our clan?: Because I'm looking for a decent clan for me, and I think this is perfect for me, I hope I will be accepted, I think I'll make a lot of friends in this clan. What are your intentions in our clan? : Let me say what I'm going to help: I rate myself as very positive, mature person with sense of humour, so I can bring good atmosphere. I am experienced DM player so I can help you at clanwars. Moreover I have a lot of free time, that means I can be active in game and forum. I can bring you success. I can bring you friendly atmosphere. We can beat modders together because "a teamwork can beat everything Thanks you all for votes !