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  1. Hello Project Beast's Partners & Guests & Members, I'm here to introduce myself a bit to know about me and how is my life. MY LIFE: My life is too simple , I'm a student in a private school and my favorite hobbies is playing MTA and football , I live in Egypt with my Dad , Mom , One Sister and One Brother, and I play daily mta for about 4-5 hours. Personality Information My name is Ali , living in Egypt and soon I'll transfer & travel to Germany and I'm thin and I'm going to be 14 in the next july and I have really anxiety with my dad and mom , they totally dont agree with what I suppose to say and my favorite color is Blue. Previous Clans 3lite Racers aka 3R Divinity Gamers aka -DG| Sound Of Victory aka |SoV| Serial Killers aka |?K| ( Every player has his own number and it replaces with ? And my number was 4 so it was |4K|) Fuck The System aka -fts- Infernal Edge aka #iE Elite Fortress aka #EF! The Gamemode I usually play Its shooter , I always play shooter and I'm very experienced in it ( GONNA LEAVE A VIDEO TO PROVE IT ), but sometimes I get bad fps so I cant play well cause it makes the controls more hard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGadauvjWX8&t=14s Yours Faithfully, Noovl.