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    Wave[Z] Join Request

    WAVE[Z] JOIN REQUEST Nickname(s), age, location? Hello guys, my name is Jorge (or Tony, whatever you prefer), in-game Wave[Z]. I´m 19 years old and I´m from Portugal, living in Porto. Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career. I started playing MTA because of my good bro Rhypz, as we play basically all games together, he told me about MTA more specificaly Deathmatch/DM and I immediately felt in love with it. Rhypz taught me the basics for playing DM and we started to enjoy the game. It actually took us way to much time for us to pass a decent map at that time (Rafinha v9 *cough cough* XD), but thanks to that we started to get a lot better at the game and we decided to join some clans just for the fun. As me and my friend followed different paths, I decided to created my own clan called "Apocalypse Dreamers" and thanks to that I started to get a little bit more known at the game and also managed to have some well known players joining my server, but with all this, bad things also started to happen. The team that I created was starting to get more experienced at the game, and the best option for them was to leave the clan. The server started to get empty most of the time and I didn´t have money to sustain it, so I decided to closed it. After that I started to join some other clans and also started to play alot better, until I joined sK (Skilled Gaming), where I made one of my most memorable moments in MTA which I made some good friends there and I manage to reach Co-Leader and Map Uploader of the server, they were like a family to me. But after a while we started to get some problems when they decided to make a fusion with another brazilian clan UnG (United Gaming). Because of that I left the clan and decided to take a break on MTA for almost 2 years. After that pause, I started to play again in finals of 2017, playing on training servers and also in FFS. I also was a map collector, but since I did that pause in MTA, I gave up on collecting them. And that´s pretty much my 7 years career in MTA. Past clans and reason of your desertion? I've been through various clans in my career, I can't remember all of them but I will point out some of the most known/memorable ones, my role in them and also the reason why I left: Revolution Gaming ~ ReG Role: Basic Member Reason: Left because I was considering creating my own clan. Apocalypse Dreamers ~ -aD- Role: Leader/Founder Reason: Closed due to money problems. Latin Xtreme Gamers ~ LxG Role: Map Uploader Reason: Left since I thought I was no longer useful for the team in general. Cool Shadow ~ cS// Role: Map Uploader Reason: Closed by the leader. Seven Stars ~ 7S* Role: Basic Member Reason: Closed by the leader. Skilled Gaming ~ -sK- Role: Co-Leader/Map Uploader Reason: Left because I wasn't happy with the decisions inside the team. Why do you want to join our clan? After almost 2 years without playing MTA, I think it was time to start over again. Since this is a new start for me I'm feeling motivated to keep playing this game and trying to catch up with what's new. And if there is something that also helps me with that, it's trying to join into a new clan. It's always a nice feeling when you can surpass a challenge and I think trying to join Project Beast will be a nice choice and also a great restart for my career in this game. I know some of the members who are in this clan that are good, not only as a person but also on what they are most known for such as playing DM/DD, scripting, mapping and also leading a clan. Based on that I feel that this clan has something nice and also promising to it. And that´s why I want to join this clan. Why we should accept you? Right now I'm a bit rusty but I'm sure that if I keep this motivation going, I will get my skill back and probably even be better than before, and with that, I will help you guys in DM clanwars if ever needed and I will always try to be available to help as much as possible. Like I said before, I used to be a map collector, I don't know if that could come in handy but I don't mind sharing maps if needed for the upcoming server. I'm a trustable and calm person, people will defenitly understand that if they spend time with me or vice-versa, and I'm always available if people need help with something. With all that my main objective for now, is to help the team in whatever I can do, and I promise I won't let you guys down. My contacts: Skype: teikoo6 Discord: Tony#8203 HAVE A NICE DAY!