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  1. AnarchY

    AnarchY's return!

    Hello, it's AnarchY and i thought of returning back to my old home, i'm going to talk about everything happened in that join request that made me wanna be back so please get yourself some tea and enjoy reading the thread, I tried to make it as short and informative as possible. NICKNAMES, NATIONALITY AND PERSONAL INFORMATION Throughout my career in gaming overall i always used AnarchY or Xp1Mas as my nickname, my real name is Ahmed Medhat i'm from Egypt and 19 years old. I'm at 12th grade as i postponed last year cause i'm looking to be in computing engneering as it will give me a lot of possibilities in my future life. I usually like to play games, chat with friends or play football sometimes i study too. My personality is always honest i don't like to hide my feelings or do a fake image of myself, i hate to harass people or expose them. GOOD MOMENTS OF MY MTA CAREER AND WHAT I DECIDED I've thought of not putting much into this section as it's not something i'm proud of but anyways, I started MTA in 2009-2010 it was a great game for me back then i loved playing it as i made some friends of it, in 2011 it started being something real for me when i met people i liked and they made me become more and more interested in the game, i started nolifing it in many servers like CIT or SMT and joined teams there, i became a Shooter player and it was the first gamemode i loved as i joined with good players in my early time of playing and learnt a lot about it and the game itself, everything was going smooth for me in the game till 2013. When Jon the best dude i knew left the game and our team separated as i found no will for playing Shooter again. A friend of mine was in Die Kekse (KekZ|) it was a popular Destruction Derby team so he told me about it, i joined them and that when i started playing DD. It totally changed me from a good calm person to a toxic careless one, i had so many good moments in KekZ and i ruined it to join 'stronger' teams till it ended up with me jumping from a team to another and couldn't stop. Through this time i've met many good guys and many bad ones, it wasn't the worst experience for me as these good friends are still my dudes so i'm going to mention some good moments, in 2015 i've made my first clan which wasn't popular despite it was a strong one, i knew that time how to control car pretty well and became a medium player after that i got invited into Street Warriors (|SW|) it was one of the most popular ones in DD that time and was one of the best moments for me playing with Carlos and Linkin. I started being popular in the DD world and made many tournaments with my events team Cloning Professionalism (CP), Then i joined many good known clans with Kurato and other friends like |OsD|, [Wild] etc. back in December 2016 i joined Project Beast, i kinda didn't know much about the team but then i found VISHAL really friendly and he alone almost made me love it, after that i knew other members and 2 of my best friends joined in it too. After 6 months i left and that was the last worst mistake i made, that team was the most friendly caring team i was ever in. I admit that it was a bad mistake and wish you're not looking at me any less, i really want to do the right thing now and stay till the end of my career. As for Destruction Derby i'm done with it, i will only be a socialize player but if needed i can help in playing. PREVIOUS CLANS Project Beast (B#), Twisted Gamers (|TG|), Pro's In Action (PiA|) Don't Mess With Us, We're Wild ([Wild]), Street Warriors (|SW|), Zero Gravity Stunters ([zGs]) Die Kekse (KekZ|), Original Skill Drivers (|OsD|), Elite Racers (|3R|). WHAT I OFFER AND WHAT I EXPECT TOWARDS PROJECT BEAST I can help on moderating, designing, doing events or any thing i'm good at, at any prices i will do my job and will always do my best. I will be loyal towards my teammates and clan and will always try to help and as you guys know me, i can try doing anything and be good on it. I expect the loyality from my teammates, the good atmosphere from all clan members and the good leadership. As i already know most of the clan members, it will be awesome to chill with them again and make funny moments of our own. Thanks for reading!
  2. AnarchY

    Olympics: Off-Competition

    Forgot to mention, we're playing these matches in this server mtasa:// Thanks to @Moxing for setting it up.
  3. OLYMPIC OFF-COMPETITION As you have already read about the off-competition matches and that it will be started right after the captains' voting, here we are starting our first ones. And as most of the country teams have already chose their captain we have played the first one between Turkey 1 and Turkey 2 teams, It might didn't go as smooth as we have planned but we believe that the next ones will be done well. As it is our responsibility to manage fair and organize well, we claim you to be patient and not to start arguments with no good reasons, it's kind of a different event type cause it's not against 'teams' it's against 'country teams', so it's a bit harder for us to control everything alone without your help to try not to complain about everything. We hope you understand our point and we confirm that the tournament will not be ruined for any reason. Now to the matches; (Finished) Israel 1 (IL) vs. Israel 2 (IRL) (Has been qualified) (IL) 1 Turkey 1 (TR) (Disqualified)vs. Turkey 2 (TRE)(Qualified for the next stage) Turkey 4 (TUR) (Qualified for the next stage) vs. Turkey 1 (TR) (Disqualified) Turkey 1 (TR) (Disqualified) vs. Turkey 3 (TRK)(Qualified for the next stage) Israel 1 (IL) vs. Israel 2 (IRL) (Israel 1 has been qualified) Poland 1 (PL) vs. Poland 2 (POL) Score : 20-0 Poland 3 (POL2) vs Poland 1 (PL) ( Has been qualified ) Score : 9-11 Egypt 1 (EG) vs. Egypt 2 (EGY) Both teams didn't show up. (Disqualified from the tournament) Hungary 1 (HU) vs. Hungary 2 (HUN) Score : 11-9 (Has been qualified) Saudi Arabia 1 (SA) vs. Saudi Arabia 2 (SAR) Score : 13-7 (Has been qualified) Turkey 2 (TRE) vs. Turkey 4 (TUR) Score : 6-14 (Qualified for the next stage) Turkey 4 (TUR) vs Turkey 3 (TRK) Score : 15-5 (Has been qualified)(TUR) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reminder : If any team didn't show up for the matches above, the team will be disqualified. We wanted to make it easier and both teams agree for a date and time but it needed a lot of time, so please be show up. If there's something you don't understand or wanting to know more about, you can post your question in a reply below this thread https://forum.projectbea.st/topic/402-olympics-questions-and-answers/ Thanks for reading and have a good day.
  4. Whatever in your mind related to the Olympics Destruction Derby tournament you want to discuss about, post a reply and we will reply back. Please do not include anything not related to the tournament and talk with proper meaning.
  5. AnarchY

    Olympics: Teams & Players

    After a long break we're proceeding the captains' voting and right after that the off-competition matches will start, my apologies for taking such a long break due to my real life issues and thanks for standing still.
  6. AnarchY

    Olympics: Teams & Players

    For necessary discussions please contact me on (Skype): ahmed.medo3760 or (Discord): AnarchY#9068
  7. OLYMPIC TEAMS & PLAYERS, Here we are, after getting ready to make that tournament experience be the best we have spread the players in each team, this down below is the final pick for the competition teams we will contact with each team players separately to choose their fair captain. Austria (AT): @Antadorea, @Alex278, @PleXy, @Canky Bulgaria (BG): @Reebok, @Geminat0r, @WarrXD, @Master., @Away Croatia (HR): hAnsY, @tony, @Zeke Czechoslovakia (CZS): @Realex, @Adam, @Woozie, @Trend, Ready4Hate Egypt 1 (EG): @AnarchY, @Matrex, @mYs, @Plato, @iBoSs Egypt 2 (EGY): @Phantom @Kendrick, @HuB', @mr.mohamed, @Tron Germany (DE): @Kurato, @Kenny, @iRenox, @scurr, @ASAP Hungary 1 (HU): @Hederi, @LaceK, LiGhT, @Mettyu, Shift Hungary 2 (HUN): Zorgo, @LordHype, @DrunK @KaroKarcsi Israel 1 (IL): @JoinT, @Liran, @ferfox, SopaNN Israel 2 (IRL): @MulneR, @ThefirsT, PaNo Jordan (JO): @Gohan, @Vegeta, @Goku Poland 1 (PL): @Pentaroyidx, @Jakub, @TSI-G, @Moxing, @Slasher7 Poland 2 (POL): @xecn, @krmky, @VespeR Poland 3 (POL2) @LeNiuch (Poland), @v3rberG (Poland), Emblaze (Poland) Russia (RU): Vossem, SmartJackson, @br1tvaxxie Saudi Arabia 1 (SA): @PrAKeR, @Rayan, KSA Saudi Arabia 2 (SAR): @Zmany, @Natsuki, 7Nawaf, @OSCAR Spain & Portugal (ESPT): @Dan//\\/yel, @Marque, @Prodigy, @Apollo Turkey 1 (TR): @FrusaweL, Overboard, @DeathKisS1, @GoO! Turkey 2 (TRE): Granitty', @l.ryuzakilawliet, @TargaryeN, ManyToolS Turkey 3 (TRK): @MuHo38, @XenoN<, @Zwei, @KyGo, @UquR Turkey 4 (TUR): @StormCrow,Khyrex Suprime, Mackrown, BunnyFuFu Tunisia (TN): @GGGirard, @Oxy, @AhMeD_x., WarG, AxeR Rest of the world 1 (ROTW1): @VISHAL (India), @SIISTI (Finland), @Yazan (Jordan) Rest of the world 2 (ROTW2): @Fizruks (Latvia), @Jmick (Slovenia), @Manik (Georgia) Rest of the world 3 (ROTW3): @Division (Netherlands), @Infern_0 (Lithuania) @LonneX (Azerbaijan) Rest of the world 2 (ROTW4): @Luker (Italy), @B4ND1T (Kazakhstan), @TheDragon (Paraguay) Off-Competition: You might seen 'off-competition' in our short info thread but may be you haven't knew what exactly is it, the off-competition means if there is more than 1 team for a specific country (example Egypt) all the same country teams will play against each other and who wins represents their country in the actual competition and also will use their official country short name. If 2 teams of the same country played against each other, if the winner team has less than 5 players they can choose from the loser team. Teams aren't spread randomly and you can choose which team you want to be in, if your team captain allows you to. Those who didn't create an account on the forum or added their Serial Number will be contacted privately and will be asked to do so. Captains voting have started just now, each team players will be added in a group to discuss about choosing a captain. Project Beast wishes you the best of luck, play fair!
  8. AnarchY

    How well are u known

    3/10 A good guy as i remember C:
  9. Nickname: AnarchY Country: Egypt Skype/Discord: ahmed.medo3760 / AnarchY#9068 Serial Number: E784D0A06C6D5C7C3F2E9C634B568EB2
  10. OLYMPICS, It's been a while since the last Destruction Derby tournament and it seemed that dder's wanting events one after one, so we have decided to make our second tournament with the help of all Project Beast members and Cloning Professionalism team (one of the best event providers). Together we're willing to give you the advantage to play your best and have fun so we decided to pick the Olympics type for this tournament. Organization Basically the organization (how it is going to go) of this tournament going to be country vs. another country 3 vs. 3, the country eliminates another step to the next stage and so on till the final stage which 2 countries will reach to decide which country has won the competition and the one wins will be titled as the country that roles the DD section. Each country team will consist of 5 players and the country with less than 5 players will be combined with another, if there are more than 5 players for a specified country more teams will be added and before the first stage they will play against each other, the team wins will represent it's country in the competition stages. There will also be captains for each country team and the captain will be chose by the team participants' voting, the captain will be responsible to lead his team and choose who plays for each round and all his decisions should be taken fair. Registration Once you learnt how the tournament is going to be organized, you will have to fill the information template to register yourself in order to be put in your country team. Make sure you join our server on discord to stay up-to date with the tournament as that's our main communication medium apart from the forum: https://discord.gg/YjH4g97 After registering 'Confirmed' sign will be put on your registration and you will be contacted later on, stay tuned for any further information and have fun playing the competition, Project Beast.
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    Your name in Japanese

  12. welcome back bruh :p

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    Make-A-Wish: Bad Luck Edition

    You will win it, but you should travel all around the world to get each box from a different place :$ I wish that i have the power to rewind back time
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