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Unban Request Format

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  • Looking to make an unban request? Your thread must contain the following format:

Your nickname: (your in-game alias)

Staff involved: (Include all the names of the admins involved)

Date: (be as accurate as possible)

Punishment reason: (make sure the reason why you are making this unban request is clear)

Evidence/proof: (Include screenshots and/or logs, previous unban requests)

Anything you'd like to add: (explain yourself. Include what you learned from your sanction & why it will not happen in the future)

  • Why are you here?

The purpose of making an unban request is to acknowledge your mistakes, and to attempt to get your punishment lifted.
Your request can be denied if an admin believes it is either too soon, or if your commitment to the rules is not evident.
Take time to think about what got you here in the first place.

Thanks for reading,


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