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A little raindrop

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Hello dear community, 


Since the recruitment section had been open for a while a few of them posted their applications and later closed them, a few kept believing. We have decided to give an opportunity to all four applicants who are : 


@Dice @PrAKeR @UnsepTiuM and finally @MunK7


Congratulations! Looking forward to what you bring to the team.


@SKEY @Wayzee and @Kurato have successfully passed their period aswell.



Not to forget! @Oxy and @LonneX who participated in TFF's hunter tournament and managed to win it, congratulations we are proud of you.


Moving on, regarding the dashboard update, we are progressing quite quickly and we will soon reveal a few features that will be implemented into it. Probably launch a few applications for the current one. 


Well, that was a little update that didn't really contain anything stunning. Nevertheless something is better than nothing, stay tuned for further revelations as I can assure you they will blow your mind once again.


Best regards,

Project Beast Administration Team


Don't forget to get in touch with us via social media!

25px-F_icon.svg.png twitter-icon.png youtube-icon-e1437540268724.png twitchog_zpsqjozanpm.png discord.png





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Congratulations to the new fellas  who have join us recently , i want to say that is good have new faces here , i hope you don't dissapoint us , im looking forward for you boys

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Finally some fresh dudes ! They seems to be useful :D 

Congratulations guys and welcome to our community ! Excited for the new dashboard !

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