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Considering to join our clan? Read this!

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This topic will provide everything that you need to know on how to make a proper join request, that is; tips on how to increase your chance of joining our clan, most basic requirements for joining and other general information.



We are looking for most trustworthy and reliable administrators (and of course perhaps people with some talents). Note that we do not take server statistics in consideration when accepting new members. Although we do look for most active players in the join request pool (by your play time on server and activity on forums).


You must meet at least one criteria below:

  • Objective, trustworthy, reliable, ethical and respectful administrator.
  • Vouched by few (not only one) clan members.
  • Particular skills. Could be coding in general, mapping, designing, video editing and/or modeling.


The criteria below will be also taken into consideration (in order, from highest priority to lowest):

  • Loyalty.
  • English communication skills.
  • Reputation.
  • Availability on the server (high play time on server and online time on forums).


If you do not possess any of those criteria then don't worry, continue your hard work and try to fill criteria which are missing.



There is no particular format because we think it'll help us choose future clan members more easily. You are the one who will carve the format. We'll check your formats thoroughly. The better the format is, the more chance you have to get our eyes on the join request. Although you'll make the format yourself, you'll need to specify some crucial information about yourself and your MTA career.


Your format must include:

  • Nickname(s), age, location.
  • Thorough but simple timeline of your MTA career.
  • Past clans and reason of your desertion.
  • Why do you want to join our clan?
  • What are your intentions in our clan?





In this section, there are few rules which should be followed. Any violation of these rules stated below will result in immediate termination of join request. In worst case scenario, termination of join request permanently (for the rest of your life).


  • Only one join request per cycle. If your join request was/is terminated, you can't participate in current cycle.
  • Be polite, have common sense, do not use Google Translate.
  • Be yourself. Do not let someone else write join request for you. In case of false information, you may fail trial period.
  • Do not be rude. Some humor can be healthy. Eh, I forgot to write something humorous in here... Sorry!
  • You can fail your trial period by behaving bad, being subjective when it comes to judgment of player's bad action and not being respectful towards the staff and players on the server.
  • Be nice to players, give them directions and answer their questions.
  • If you cancel your join request, your chances to join will significantly decrease, as it indicates that you are not interested in our community and being a part of it.


That is all you need to know. Keep your eyes on this topic frequently, as it may change.

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After the past few experiences within our recruitment by the process mentioned above, which is also followed by multiple clans within the game as well we have decided to come to a conclusion of coming up with a different method of recruiting new members which implies that we won't be following the normal JOIN REQUEST method anymore. The main reason is we are completely against turning into a museum clan where people basically join for a few weeks and end up leaving. We tried different methods of building the required quality within our team and it some how worked and some times didn't work at all. This is mainly to with hold a great relationship with in the team and strengthen our side and truly look towards what is more important which is management(server-website-community). We could say we were being diverted away to a typical section which was mainly focusing on building a clan war team, now that we find success within our loyal ones i doubt we need to let people who collect tags to enter our team and then just carry on their merry way.


So, how will the new format work?:


  • Your recognition is going to revolve around our entire staff - A member of the team is free to suggest a certain player who will later be contacted by the administration staff to seek his interest towards our clan, you could consider it as an "invite" based on the outcome of that evaluation the player will then be a part of our clan.
  • What do you do if you're interested in being a part of Beast? - Contact the administration staff, enquire about the clan and let us know in personal about your intentions.
  • Make no mistake, we don't seek players who are only developers, designers we are mainly interested in strengthening our management as we head up close to our goal. 


Best regards,

Project Beast Leadership



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