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Project Beast vs Unlimited Power (19-1)

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After a seemingly simple clan war against Deserts, this coming saturday we'll be facing off against one
of the uprising clans termed Unlimited Power. We are well prepared and excited to see what our new team is
capable off during this test. I hope it's going to be an entertaining one for the spectators so feel free to
come over to our clan war server and support a team!




 Praker, Marque



by Infern_0






Project Beast Players

• B#Dice
• B#Oxy





• B#Beyond



Unlimited Power Players

• #UP|Corrupt

• #UP|Every


• #UP|Cassio

• #UP|ZeaN

• #UP|Chryxz

• #UP|GunZ

• #UP|GameX

• #UP|Siide





Project Beast Maps

• [DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV
• [DM] Sealine - Loops are Great

• [DM] APs v3 - Rampage

• [DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class

• [DM] Vortex v9 - A New Era



Unlimited Power Maps

• [DM] SilverFOX - Ember

• [DM] Zean - Singularity

• [DM] BriaN - Mustang

• [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory

• [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteotero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II







General rules:


  1. We will only play on Project Beast's Clanwar Server.
  2. Everyone from each clan is able to participate, except the members that got recruited after the clan war was accepted.
  3. Only referees and maximum of 2 appointed persons from each team have the right to use the main chat during the clan war.
  4. If someone times out before the map starts, we will redo the round.
  5. If someone times out while the map is running, we will continue.
  6. Ping limit: 320 In case the ping limit has been exceeded during a hunter fight, the player will be blown without a possibility of replacing him/her.
  7. The minimum, constant fps of a player is 40.
  8. In case of draw after the 20 rounds, CW managers will discuss about it and decide if they want to play additional round(s). In case both teams can't come to an agreement, the clan war will end as a draw.


Deathmatch rules:


  1. The clan with last surviving player gets the point.
  2. If no one from both teams reached hunter, the player who has reached farthest wins the point.
  3. If both of each team reached the same place, we redo the round.
  4. Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed.
  5. Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed.
  6. Waiting for nitro is allowed.
  7. In case of camping or shortcutting, the player will be blown.


 Hunter rules:


       1. Spraying is not allowed (Max 3 shots per 5 seconds).

       2. Player can only get 1 warn for spraying. If a player sprays again, the player will be blown (the warn remains for the whole clan war).

       3. Shooting hunters before the countdown has finished isn't allowed --> the point will go to the damaged team.

         - The countdown will be started 5 seconds after 1 player from each team has reached the hunter.

       4. Shooting and spraying vehicles before countdown is allowed.

       5. If a player has been killed by an enemy while getting hunter and the rocket got released when the player still was in a car, the fight keeps going.

       6. Killing hunters which are stuck by decorations is not allowed.

         - Stuck means the part of participant's hunter is inside the hunter part decorations and it's not possible for the player to move.

       7. Incase of a map limit, we will continue the fight on a hunter map. Closed map will be set on limit, if both teams have 2 or less player(s) alive.

       8. Referee is allowed to set a closed map at any time (except for pressure situations), if the referee finds it necessary to make the fights more active.





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 First Half:


[DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV - Oxy, Dice, Siisti, Rhypz (B#)

[DM] SilverFOX - Ember - Oxy, Siisti, Beyond (B#)

[DM] Sealine - Loops are Great- Oxy, Straker (B#)

[DM] Zean - Singularity - Oxy, Dice , Siisti , Rhpz (B#)

[DM] APs v3 - Rampage - Dice , Siisti, Rhypz , Straker (B#)

[DM] BriaN - Mustang - Dice , Siisti , Rhypz , Straker (B#)

[DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class - Oxy , Rhypz (B#)

[DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory - Dice , Siisti , Straker (B#)

[DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era - Straker, Dice (B#)

[DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Dice, Rhypz , Beyond , Vishal (B#)


Second Half:


[DM] TulioTC ft. Rafinha - Running is my life IV - Siisti , Vishal (B#)

[DM] SilverFOX - Ember -  Chryxz (UP)

[DM] Sealine - Loops are Great - Dice, Siisti, Vishal, Rhypz, Oxy (B#)

[DM] Zean - Singularity - Vishal, Beyond (B#)

[DM] APs v3 - Rampage -  Siisti (B#)

[DM] BriaN - Mustang - Win by forfeit  (B#)

[DM] Skotinka v8 - First Class -Win by forfeit (B#)

[DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory - Win by forfeit (B#)

[DM] Vortex-v9-- A New Era - Win by forfeit (B#)

[DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II - Win by forfeit (B#)


(19-1) for Project Beast

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