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Unleash the Beasts - Shooter tournament

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Are you ready to unleash the beast inside of you?


Hey there,

I am very thrilled to announce Unleash the Beasts, The official shooter tournament by Project Beast. In this tournament teams of 5 players (3 player, 2 reserve) will be participating against each other on various shooter maps (mixed between jump enabled and no-jump maps).


In the first stage, known as the qualification stage, 5 maps of each category (10 maps total) are played and pre-selected by the organization team which consists of @Megadreams (lead organizer), @VISHAL, @VarieN, @MunK7 and @Mazen. The next stages, known as the knockout stages, will have 4 rounds each (5 in case of a tie) and will be preceded by a vote between all the teams for the maps to be used. The finals will, just like the qualification round, consist out of the 10 rounds (5 maps per category) that are pre-selected by the organization team.


The players of the winning team (including the reserves) will win a €15 Steam gift card each. Isn't that nice?


So, are you up for the challenge and assembled a team? Then head to the registration topic here and register for the tournament now!


The Project Beast team

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Woah will surely qualify in this tournament, since It's quite a grateful opportunity to emphasize my own skills as  a team player and player individually. It's just question of a time to form our own team and qualify, cant wait.  :P

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On 5/2/2018 at 11:43 PM, MunK7 said:

Why vish, what did he do? And gl to all xD


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