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SMS Donation For Ireland!

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Hey there beasts, since you guys are expanding in many ways such as members and making more progress building your guys's server... was wondering if you guys would be able to have a sms donation system for Ireland. I know it sounds weird but every single freaking community doesn't support Ireland as an SMS donation system except 6s, which I donated and after like a week they had problems with it, so they disabled it and you can only donate with Paypal now :61_sob:. It's really annoying, would like to ask you guys before you make the donation system for Project Beast please make it available for Ireland.


I know it is "not a big deal" or "just play like a normal player" but right now... the only server I have donated to and felt special in a way is 6s. So please make the extra effort or something and make it happen :blush:. Cheers!


Yours Sincerely,


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